Commercial Vinyl Cutters

AirMark has led the industry in the sale and installation of imaging, cutting, and sign-making production equipment for more than 25 years. Our machines are used in the label making, sign and graphics, packaging, PPE manufacturing, and specialty manufacturing industries across the globe.

We carry the top-rated vinyl cutters from Roland and Summa to meet the needs of any commercial operation, large or small.

Roland offers a compact solution—the CAMM-1 GS desktop cutter—that enables you to quickly and conveniently cut vinyl, paint mask, reflective vinyl, twill, heat transfers, sandblast material, and even thicker media like magnetic materials and cardstock. The CAMM-1 GR series ranges in size from 42 inches to 64 inches. These cutters are popular for airplane and boat graphics, apparel, and wall graphics.

Summa is one of the world’s most popular cutter brands because of its reliability and accuracy. The affordable SummaCut series roll-fed vinyl cutters are available in four sizes, all equipped with large control panels, high-speed cut heads, and advanced optical positioning. The Summa S2 Class series has three cutting head options: drag, tangential, and tangential with optional OPOS-CAM technology. Each of these can be purchased in three or four different sizes, depending on specific configuration.

Sign Equipment

Large-Format Printers and Printer Cutters

AirMark carries high-quality large and wide format printers for advertising, sign making, and graphics industry applications. If you run a sign shop or a printing or graphics business, a large-format printer is vital equipment for the success of your business. The Epson SureColor S-Series has three different 64” wide models. Explore the new Epson Bulk Ink printers that offer a combination of 30% more efficient ink use, while doubling cartridge capacity to 1500 ml per cartridge. Deliver decals, banners, indoor and outdoor displays, and more, with an efficient, environmentally friendly Epson Surecolor 60600L or 80600L bulk ink printer.

AirMark also carries Roland’s VersaStudio, VersaCAMM, and TruVis lines of integrated inkjet printers, cutters and printer cutter combos to meet the needs for all industrial and commercial printing and cutting applications.

Flatbed Cutters

Nobody delivers more Summa Flatbed cutters than AirMark! We order containerloads directly from the manufacturer and stock the most popular models at our Seattle warehouse for quick ship and install at locations across the US and beyond.

Summa's F Series Digital Flatbed Cutting Systems are integral for commercial signage, display, packaging, PPE and specialty manufacturing and cutting applications. They are widely used in rapid manufacturing, specialty manufacturing and prototyping applications. Summa F series Flatbed Cutters are available in five sizes to meet the needs and demands of operations of any size. The optional routing module expands the flatbed cutter’s list of compatible materials and substrates to cardboard, vinyl, rubber, fabrics, textiles, wood, foam plastics and more. The Summa F Series is the top flatbed cutting system on the market and AirMark has them at our warehouse, in stock and ready to ship.

Cold and Heat Laminators

Laminates add protection to finished graphics – extending the lifespan of floor, window, fleet, and sign graphics by adding a valuable layer of protection from UV rays, fingerprints, scuffs, scratches and tagging in high traffic areas. Gfp, (Graphic Finishing Partners), makes the popular line of cold, top heat and dual heat laminators in a range of models from 30” widths to the versatile 65” dual heat laminator for high volume industrial environments. Laminators are critical to properly bonding overlaminate protection to increase the durability and lifespan of graphics installations and nobody provides better commercial grade laminators than Gfp. Talk to AirMark about your commercial laminator needs today.

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