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Roland TrueVIS Swab Kit - Printhead Cleaner

Roland Swab Kit, 5-inch Swabs, 50-pack

Part Number: ROL-050


Roland TrueVIS VF2-640 64" Printer

Roland TrueVIS VF2-640 64" Printer

Part Number: ROLVF2-640

Roland Vinyl Cutters

Vinyl Sign Supplies from Airmark

Airmark is a leading distributor of equipment, inks and technology from Roland DG. You deserve the best solutions money can buy – and that’s exactly what AirMark offers with Roland printing and cutting solutions. Roland DG makes the efficient TruVis VG2 and SG2 wide-format printer / cutter combos as well as stand-alone vinyl cutters in the CAMM-1 GR-640 and GR-540.

Give us a call at (800) 527-7778 to discuss your printing and cutting needs. We’ll be happy to help.

Roland’s Line of Printer Cutters

We are proud of our legacy of helping new, emerging, and established businesses build new customer bases through our products. Roland is a trusted partner for a reason. Roland’s line of printer / cutters offers eye-catching colors and rugged durability, making it a perfect fit for die-cut labels, banners, t-shirt graphics, posters, and signs. Most important, Airmark can offer options and versatility with multiple sizes and solutions to meet your sign shop, graphics or specialty manufacturing application.

High-Grade Cartridges for Professional Printing Operations

In addition to printer cutters, Airmark can deliver all the cartridges you need to complete production and keep your customers happy. Keeping your operations well-stocked is crucial in avoiding stoppages and slowdowns. We know how difficult managing a tight production schedule can be, so we would be happy to arrange regular stocking of Roland replacement ink cartridges. We currently offer:

  • Roland DG Eco-UV Inks, 220cc Cartridges
  • Roland DG Eco-UV S Inks, 220cc Cartridges
  • Roland DG Eco-UV4 Inks, 220cc Cartridges
  • Roland DG Eco-UV4 Inks, 500cc Cartridges
  • Roland DG ECO-SOL MAX Inks, 220cc Cartridges

The Benefits of Choosing Roland for Your Printing and Cutting Needs

Our Roland SG2 and VG2 printer cutter combos offer a unique solution with both print and cut functions in a single, wide-format machine. Roland printer cutters can provide boat, RV and airplane graphics, decals, labels, signs, and wall graphics. Their versatility, productivity, and speed are why so many customers have chosen to invest in the Roland SG2 and VG2 vinyl cutters for their graphics and production applications. The benefits of working with Airmark to install Roland equipment at your business include:

    • Faster Operations: Roland designs its equipment for excellent quality, vibrant color, and fast and accurate cutting. Roland’s CAMM series vinyl cutters can cut at 58.5 inches per second and at a downforce of 600gf. The results are fast, accurate, and clean cuts that amplify productivity and your profitability.

    • Longevity and Durability: You rely on your printing and cutting equipment for the long haul, and you don’t have time for repairs or replacement. Fortunately, Roland has perfected its designs to facilitate longer-lasting parts. For instance, the cutters have a cutting groove designed to preserve the blade.

    • More Detail: The VG2 large format inkjet printer/cutter offers you comprehensive color choices, improved machine efficiency, and increased print and cut accuracy for true unattended production. Crank out thousands of posters, produce prints on specialty materials, or create vehicle graphics with exact brand colors to meet the exacting standards of both you and your clients.

    • Superior color and accurate cutting for less: The New generation TrueVIS SG2 series large format printer/cutters provide the superior color and cutting features you expect to find in a top-of-the-line machine, but without the higher price tag.

    • Cost-Effective Operations: Roland’s VG2 features new TR2 ink for a wider color gamut with brilliantly vivid print output at a very low ink cost per sq/ft.

  • Smarter Operator Interaction: Roland’s VG2 and SG2 offer smart new print/cut features that include automated pinch rollers and cutting grooves that extend blade life in high-volume cutting environments.

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AirMark sells, installs, and services graphic industry equipment like printers, cutters, laminators, and printer cutter combos. We’re proud to offer Roland DG printer and printer cutter combo machines to the graphics, sign, and aerospace industries.

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