Summa S2 Series Vinyl Cutter

Summa S Class 2 tangential and drag-knife cutters feature the highest quality engineering and most advanced cutting technology. S2 Series vinyl cutters consistently deliver the longest contour cutting accuracy for printed vinyl graphics when compared to any other cutter. S2 cutters are truly in a class of their own.

Choose From Three Dynamic Cutting Heads

S2 D Series

Drag-Knife Cutting Head

  • ‚ÄĘ Fast and efficient drag knife
  • ‚ÄĘ High-volume cutting
  • ‚ÄĘ Power and precision
  • ‚ÄĘ Perform day in and out

S2 T Series

Tangential Cutting Head

  • ‚ÄĘ True Tangential cutting
  • ‚ÄĘ Precision, speed, and ease of use
  • ‚ÄĘ Electronic controlled knife direction
  • ‚ÄĘ Up to 600 grams cutting force

S2 OPOS-CAM Series

Tangential Cutting + Advanced Camera

  • ‚ÄĘ Advanced camera optics
  • ‚ÄĘ Excellent mark recognition
  • ‚ÄĘ True Tangential cutting
  • ‚ÄĘ Speed, force, and accuracy

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AirMark’s technical support is the same team that operated global technical support when we were Summa. We have the technical knowledge to remotely troubleshoot, run tech support, perform complete site installations and make software, accessory, and media recommendations for increased productivity. In the rare case that you need on-site service, we regularly schedule support and maintenance site visits across the country.

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- Kevin Archuleta,

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Unrivaled Technology at Your Fingertips

The S Class 2 is an advanced vinyl cutter for high-volume vinyl and digital print shops. Summa S2 tangential and drag-knife cutters feature the highest quality engineering and most advanced cutting technology to deliver the longest contour cutting accuracy for printed graphics. Built on a foundation of rock-solid reliability, the S2 offers features to handle virtually any material you feed into it.

GoSign Cutting Software

The user-friendly software GoSign is your first choice cutting software, allowing you to manage your preferred workflow with great flexibility. Settings and action sets can be created and tailored according to your specific cutting jobs at any given time.

OPOS Alignment Technology

The Optical Positioning System is an automated contour alignment system. The OPOS X sensor technology senses 4 to 128 marks on a wide range of materials. Enjoy a fully-automated workflow using OPOS barcodes, enabling you to contour cut multiple jobs without intervention.

Vibrant Color Touchscreen

The intuitively redesigned menu system and full-colour touch interface allow for effortless navigation. Tactile and easy to use, the touch screen displays large amounts of information in an easily accessible format.

Unmatched Die-Cutting Precision

Summa's unique FlexCut feature takes cutting technology to the next level. This adjustable feature creates a perforated cut that allows the material to retain the necessary rigidity to transport through the cutter while remaining easy to break apart into individual pieces.

Legendary Tracking

Summa's exclusive MicroSprocket‚ĄĘ drive drum, coupled with powerful servo motors, delivers jaw-dropping accuracy. Media is conditioned as it advances to assure spot-on tracking precision.

Enhanced Roll-up System

After a job is finished, the system will roll up the artwork neatly and prepare the machine for the next unattended job. The integrated panelling feature splits long-length runs into shorter consecutive jobs.

Enhance Your Speed with G-Performance

This mode is especially designed to enhance the speed / performance of digital finishing operations on the S2 roll cutters up to 40%. The advantages include faster cutting speeds on wider substrates and faster reading of the registration marks. Especially within large industrial environments, this G-performance mode will prove its worth and give your overall workflow a serious boost. The G-Performance mode is available as free unlock on new machines and as a payable unlock on S2 machines built before 2018.

Explore G-Performance Mode in Action

Ready To Improve Your Cutting Game?

The Summa S2 Series was built to deliver first-class cutting technology to deliver astonishing contour cut accuracy for even the most challenging printed graphics. Summa S Class 2 cutters are built on a foundation of rock-solid engineering and reliability and include smart features to boost efficiency in your cutting workflow and grow along with your business needs and aspirations. Leave nothing to chance and enjoy leading-edge contour cut excellence now and for many years to come!

Explore S2's Versatile Model Lineup

S2 D Series - Drag-knife Cutting Head

Designed specifically for high-volume cutting environments, Summa’s D Series unites power and precision with an efficient and affordable high-speed drag knife cutting head. The D Series roll-fed cutter is a do-it-all dynamo with the resilience to perform day in and day out.

Summa S2 D Series vinyl cutters unite legendary S Class power and precision with an efficient and affordable drag knife cutting head. Boasting an astonishing array of industry-first innovations and built-in capabilities, the S2 D Series does more than any other vinyl cutter in its class. And it does so with ease and reliability.

S2 D75

30" Drag-Knife Vinyl Cutter

S2 D120

48" Drag-Knife Vinyl Cutter

S2 D140

54" Drag-Knife Vinyl Cutter

S2 D160

64" Drag-Knife Vinyl Cutter

S2 T Series - True Tangential Cutting Head

Featuring computer-controlled blade rotation and up to 600 grams of cutting force, Summa’s T Series combines the precision of a flatbed cutter with the ease and speed of a roll-fed cutter by using our legendary True Tangential cutting head. The T Series simply cuts with more force and accuracy than any cutter in its class.

Summa S2 T Series combines S Class power and precision with a state-of-the-art True Tangential‚ĄĘ cutting head. Coupled with an astonishing array of innovations and built-in capabilities, this plotter offers so much more than any other in its class.

S2 T75

30" True Tangential Vinyl Cutter

S2 T120

48" True Tangential Vinyl Cutter

S2 T140

54" True Tangential Vinyl Cutter

S2 T160

64" True Tangential Vinyl Cutter

S2 OPOS-CAM Series - True Tangential Cutting Head with Advanced Camera Optics

OPOS-CAM models come with Summa’s Tangential blade module and are upgraded with the OPOS CAMera. These machines are suited best for sign professionals in need of a faster, and more accurate cut.

By combining advanced camera optics technology with our intelligent CameraControl recognition software, Summa’s OPOS-CAM series significantly increases registration-mark recognition while paired with the legendary performance of our True Tangential cutting head. By incorporating unprecedented speed, force, and accuracy, we held nothing back with the OPOS-CAM Series. (Note: Summa S2 TC75 and S2 TC140 have been discontinued.)


64" True Tangential Vinyl Cutter

GoSign Software Workflow

GoSign is included free of charge with all Summa roll-fed cutters. This software enablesto import PDF, SGP, OXF and DXF files. It scales, rotates and prepares the design for cutting. GoSign can add a weeding box and it can also automate certain tasks you tomake your designs ready to cut. GoSign software includes the following features:

  • Material manager¬†to save various material settings such as speed, pressure, camera profile for OPOS CAM
  • Ability to¬†create your own action sets¬†to automate workflows
  • Available in¬†several languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Dutch
  • Available as a¬†plug-in for CorelDRAW & Illustrator
  • Capable of¬†controlling multiple Summa devices¬†simultaneously
  • Includes the¬†sorting functionality¬†to increase productivity
  • The extra¬†DXF import filter¬†makes¬†GoSign¬†a handy software for CAD users
  • Plus many more, including a wide variety of advanced Pro Pack features!

Summa S2 Series Specifications

MODEL S2 75 S2 120 S2 140 S2 160
DIMENSIONS 141 x 68 x 111 cm 187 x 68 x 111 cm 202 x 68 x 111 cm 225 x 68 x 111 cm
MEDIA WIDTH 6 to 84 cm 12 to 130 cm 17 to 145 cm 17 to 168 cm
MAX. WORKING WIDTH 74.2 cm x 50 m 120 cm x 50 m 135 cm x 50 m 158 cm x 50 m
OVERSIZED MODE* ‚ÄėOversized‚Äô mode allows a wider cutting area : +/- 7 cm*
TRACKING PERFORMANCE Within +/- 0.1 mm on plots: up to 12 m long on rolls up to 760 mm wide*, up to 4 m long on rolls over 760 mm wide*
CUT ACCURACY 0.2% of move or 0.25 mm, whichever is greater
SPEED Up to 141 cm/s diagonal
ACCELERATION Up to 5.5 G diagonal
KNIFE PRESSURE Drag Knife: Up to 400 grams / Tangential Knife: Up to 600 grams
POWER REQ. 100-120 / 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 85 VA maximum
INCLUDED SOFTWARE Summa GoSignTM Software, Summa Cutter Control, MacSignTM Cut Cutting Software

*In ‚ÄėOversized‚Äô mode the tracking performance is no longer guaranteed

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