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Oracle 751 Vinyl Rolls

ORACAL® 751 High Performance Cast Vinyl - 24" X 50 Yd

Part Number: ORC751G-2460


ORAGUARD® 200 Gloss Economy Laminating Film - 54" X 50 Yd

ORAGUARD® 200 Gloss Economy Laminating Film - 54" X 50 Yd

Part Number: ORG200G-5400


ORAGUARD® 250AS Anti-Skid Laminating Film - 54" X 50 Yd

ORAGUARD® 250AS Anti-Skid Laminating Film - 54" X 50 Yd

Part Number: ORG250AS-5400


ORAGUARD® 290 Premium Cast Laminating Film - 54" X 10 Yd

ORAGUARD® 290 Premium Cast Laminating Film - 54" X 10 Yd

Part Number: ORG290G-10-5400


ORAGUARD® 290F Optically Clear PVC Laminating Film - 54" x 10 Yd

ORAGUARD® 290F Optically Clear PVC Laminating Film - 54" x 10 Yd

Part Number: ORG290FG-10-5400


ORABOND® 1812TM Double-sided Adhesive Tape - 1" x 55 Yd

ORABOND® 1812TM Double-sided Adhesive Tape - 1" x 55 Yd

Part Number: ORB1812TM-1


View Our Selection of Orafol Materials in Seattle, WA

AirMark is your national sign supply leader, helping sign shops create beautiful, durable and eye-catching signage and graphics projects for clients around the world. For more than 25 years, we have provided companies with the sign production technology they need to succeed. Driven to provide the most innovative products on the market, we recently partnered with Orafol to distribute their popular lines of vinyl print media, vehicle wrap, protective films, and application tapes. We stock large selections of Orafol products and have them ready to ship from our Seattle, WA warehouse. View our Orafol vinyl media products below. Contact AirMark any time for product details or technical information.

What Are Orafol Films?

Orafol films are self-adhesive vinyl films that can be used on a variety of surfaces. Whether your projects include outdoor signage, window graphics, car wraps or fleet advertising, there is an Orafol film to do the job. Orafol’s, innovation, quality and 100 years of industry history has made them the global leader in calendered and cast vinyl media manufacturing.

What Applications Are Orafol Products Used For?

Orafol offers films designed for any sign and graphics industry application. With a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you, we’re the team to call for assistance with your unique application questions. Orafol has industry-leading vinyl options manufactured in specific formulations for any of the following applications:

  • Architectural: Use Orafol films for decorative projects in both indoor and outdoor applications. Several Orafol brand formulations are designed for projects that require vinyl graphics mounted on secondary substrates of aluminum, Dibond, wood or plastic.
  • Backlit Signage: Many Orafol films are designed for long-term outdoor use, making them great options for backlit or illuminated signs. These films allow light to pass through without total transparency while the matte finish reduces reflectivity.
  • General Signage: These products are great for creating general, wayfinding or advertising signage. Orafol films can be used to create informational, safety, and warning signage in both indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Vehicle Wraps and Paint Protection: Orafol is a global leader in ultra-thin, invisible protective layer films for vehicle scratch and ding protection, in addition to colorful films designed for full or partial vehicle wraps.
  • Promotional: Effective advertising requires vibrant colors and stellar designs. Orafol films come in a huge range of colors, reflectivity and finishes, so you can rest assured that our pallet selection won’t hinder you or your client’s creativity.
  • Vehicle Graphics: Whether your task is lettered branding on a single vehicle or wrapping an entire fleet, Orafol has the films you need. Formulated with a color pallet that includes transparent films, metallic films and stock films in a huge range of colors and finishes.
  • Window Graphics: Orafol films are designed for easy cutting and weeding, making them a great selection for creating business window graphics, temporary signage and vehicle window branding. Orafol’s line of vinyl media is designed for durability and resistance to UV, humidity, and high temperatures.

We Offer a Huge Selection of Orafol Brands and Styles

As the global leader in vinyl media manufacturing, Orafol has developed several vinyl, film, tape, media and adhesive brands to respond to the global needs of graphics, vehicle wrap, sign shops, and advertising agencies. At AirMark, we offer a huge selection of Orafol products to help our clients deliver exceptional results at great prices. Contact us with your unique application and we’ll be happy to walk through the right material for your job.

  • Oracal: These self-adhesive films are perfect for both lettering or printing applications. Oracal is manufactured in economy calendered, intermediate calendered, and premium cast grades to meet any application and durability demands.
  • Oralux: This glow in the dark material has a 5-year application life and is perfect for indoor safety and emergency exit signage in buildings, cruise ships, and airplanes.
  • Oralite: Created with prismatic and glass bead reflective material, this film provides high reflectivity for many different safety and high visibility applications.
  • Oraguard: These laminating films protect and add longevity to your designs and installations.
  • Oramask: You can use these opaque films to create truly unique designs, making them perfect for stencils, paint masking and sandblasting.
  • Orajet: These self-adhesive digital printing vinyl media are designed to offer durability and protection from UV degradation.

Contact Us for More Information

AirMark is your go-to source for sign making supplies. In addition to Orafol products, we also offer a variety of other signage supplies and commercial and industrial imaging, plotting and cutting equipment. Please browse the many products we offer on our site or give us a call if you have a specific question. We're always ready to help.

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