Graphic Finishing Partners (Gfp) has serviced the graphic arts scene for years with reliable and high-quality finishing products at affordable price points. Their laminators are essential for businesses and corporations in the industry due to their key features, which include top-notch and fast lamination, temperature control, durable construction, and customization, among others. These allow them to produce professional results that are suitable for presentations and displays, as well as other applications. 


What Are Gfp Laminators?

Gfp laminators are machines that offer high-quality laminating solutions. They’re designed to offer precise control over temperature and speed on projects, resulting in consistent professional results. 

Businesses use Gfp laminators to provide a protective layer, improve visual appeal, and extend the lifespan of documents, graphics, and signage. They’re preferred for their user-friendly features, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. 

Cold Versus Hot Laminators

Gfp’s laminators come as cold laminators and top-heat laminators. Cold laminators are user-friendly machines that require minimal set-up and maintenance. They’re ideal to use with heat-sensitive materials and are greatly suited for small-scale projects that need lower levels of durability, such as IDs and photos. Cold lamination gives you fine colors and prints in a matte finish, making products less prone to glare and reflection.

Hot laminators, on the other hand, are used to laminate pressure-sensitive materials. They can work with a wide range of materials, including vinyl; they can also laminate any flat surface. Hot laminators are known to produce very durable results, thanks to the strong seal that they create to protect materials from dirt, moisture, creases, and other possible damages. These laminators may take some getting used to, but their affordability and versatility make them a top choice among graphic arts businesses. 


Key Features of Gfp Laminators

Gfp laminators are a popular choice for various applications in multiple industries due to several key features. These include:

High-Quality Lamination

Gfp laminators are known to produce high-quality and professional laminated materials. They offer precise lamination, ensuring that products look aesthetically appealing and are more resistant to wear, tear, and moisture. 

User-Friendly Operation

Gfp laminators are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls that make it easy even for beginners to operate. They’re also incredibly cost-effective, especially if you consider their long-term use.

Durable Construction

With high-quality materials, Gfp laminators can boost the durability of graphics and signages, ensuring that they can withstand the demands of frequent use and prolong the lifespan of the products.


Some Gfp laminators offer customizing options. You can adjust speed, pressure settings, and temperature control, giving you the ability to tailor the lamination process based on your needs. Gfp laminators are also known for efficiency and speed, which is beneficial for companies requiring increased productivity.


There are multiple GFP laminator models to choose one, each suitable for specific lamination needs. These machines can also accommodate various sizes and materials. You can use them for various applications, such as for schools, offices, print shops, graphic stores, signage makers, etc. 


Why Choose Gfp Laminators

Gfp laminators are ideal for businesses that require document, signage, or graphic enhancement and protection. Here are some reasons why you should use Gfp laminators for your next project:

Fast Processing Times

Gfp laminators are made to be fast to accommodate large projects. When you use cold laminators, in particular, you skip long warm-up times and prevent issues that may arise from setting the wrong temperature. 

Ease of Use

You can easily navigate the controls of a Gfp laminator. They feature simple panels and adjective setting options, so even those who are using the machine for the first time can obtain great results with little effort.

Additionally, Gfp laminators are easy to maintain. 

Environmental Impact

Cold Gfp laminators have the advantage of being environmentally friendly. They reduce the contributions of harmful gas production, keeping the environment safe. Plus, they don’t exude plastic-smelling fumes!

High-quality Results

Gfp laminators can guarantee high-quality results. End products are visually appealing and well-protected, making for impressive projects lasting longer through wear and tear. 


Gfp Laminators and Laminator Accessories from Airmark

Airmark carries Gfp laminators and laminator accessories for your graphic laminating needs. You can choose from cold laminators or top-heat laminators depending on your requirements. We can also supply you with accessories like vinyl overlaminate and backing paper to complete your projects!