Gfp laminators have long been popular among businesses in the graphic arts industry. Its ease of use, versatility, and affordability put it at an edge over other brands. With Gfp laminators, users can expect high-quality and professional results each time, and they can be sure that their projects will stand the test of wear and tear over long periods. 

If you’re a company looking for the best commercial laminators designed for wide format, Gfp laminators should be a top choice! Airmark carries multiple machine models as well as Gfp branded laminate and kraft paper for all your laminating needs.


Things to Consider When Choosing Laminators

Choosing the right laminator primarily boils down to how you’re going to use the machine. You want to make sure that you get something that can handle the projects and materials you’re working with, whether that’s small pieces of documents for everyday use or large vinyl products suitable for presentations and displays

Here’s a look into what you should consider when choosing laminators:

Frequency of Use

First, consider how the laminator will be used. Will you be using it heavily, such as for large laminating projects daily, or is it meant for moderate utilization? If you require it for wide-format laminating, you’ll require hard-wearing models, like Gfp laminators, that are built to last even with the most exacting projects.

Materials to Laminate

Think about what materials you’re working with, factoring in their thickness and size, to ensure that you get the necessary equipment to handle them. You can laminate vinyl, backlit films, and semi-rigid graphics, and Gfp laminators can accommodate all of these. 

Level of Protection Required

Many businesses depend on laminators to give their projects a boost of protection. The kind of machine you use can affect how durable your materials will be after lamination. In this regard, you’ll also want to consider the type of laminator you use, whether that’s a dual-heat laminator or a cold laminator.

Ease of Use

Consider the user-friendliness of the machines. If you’re handling multiple wide-format jobs at a time, you’ll want to be efficient about it–and that involves using a machine that the necessary staff can easily navigate so that you can maximize production times. Gfp laminators are designed with convenience in mind and can be used even by beginners.


Depending on your business needs, you might want to take a look into the customization capabilities of your laminators. It may be beneficial to get something that allows you to better control your settings, particularly those on speed and temperature.


Why Choose Gfp Laminators

Compared to other brands, Gfp laminators are preferred for their performance, durability, and affordability. Let’s break down the features that make Gfp laminators a top choice for wide-format lamination.

High-Quality Products

Gfp laminators produce high-quality and professional results thanks to precise laminators. This ensures that projects are always aesthetically appealing while being highly resistant to wear, tear, and moisture.

Gfp laminators are also known for efficiency and speed, which is beneficial for companies working with large volumes of work and requiring heavy-duty machinery.


Many companies choose Gfp laminators because they have intuitive controls that allow for user-friendly usage. Even beginners can operate them, so there’s less time required to figure out how to use the machine; this time can, instead, be used to efficiently manage projects.


Some Gfp models offer customization options. You can play around with speed, temperature, and pressure settings so that you can tailor your lamination processes based on what you require for each project and material.


Gfp laminators come in top-heat or cold models, so you can find a machine that’s suitable for your specific needs. Each one has versatile capabilities; you can use them for various materials in multiple sizes and thicknesses, and apply them to both small and large projects.


One of the top advantages of Gfp laminators is their affordability. For their price point, they offer magnificent value considering the quality of their end products. The machines are reliable and long-lasting, too, which makes them a worthy investment for any signage or graphic arts company.


Buy Gfp Laminators and Accessories from Airmark

Airmark offers multiple top-heat and cold laminators from Gfp, along with related accessories. Check out our website for our full catalog or contact us to find the right product for your laminating needs!