3M vinyl wrap has a long-standing reputation for durability. It is developed and tested to hold up under different weather conditions, but you can also extend the life of a vinyl wrap by regularly cleaning the surface with a vinyl-appropriate solution and soft cloth, and by protecting it from the elements whenever possible.


What Is Vinyl Wrap For?

Vinyl wraps are best known as an affordable way to protect and jazz up the appearance of cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, and other vehicles–as well as a way to cover a vehicle with promotional messages to advertise a brand or product. However, vinyl is incredibly versatile and can be used in other ways, such as to create custom-printed window graphics, signage, billboards, interior wall and floor coverings, safety warnings, product labeling, and much more.


Why Wrap With 3M

Wrapping in vinyl is not just an inexpensive way to give a vehicle a fresh finish, it is also a way to give the underlying surface an extra layer of protection and extend its lifetime. For example, repainting a car can easily run between $3,000 to $10,000, whereas a quality wrap for the same vehicle should cost between $2,500 and $5,000.

3M is one of the premier, well-established manufacturers of vinyl wraps. Wraps produced by other companies are often touted as less-expensive options to 3M but are made with inferior calendered films or materials. These lower-quality wraps may come at a lower price, but they aren’t as durable when applied to a vehicle and can start to fade and crack much sooner than a 3M wrap would.


Maximize the Life of Your Wrap

While a vinyl wrap can protect a vehicle or other object against the elements and damage from unexpected scratches, you want the wrap to do its job for as long as possible. To extend its usefulness, use a soft fabric and vinyl-friendly solution to clean and polish the wrap surface regularly. Remember to be gentle, because if you rub too hard, you can tear the vinyl.

Also, keep your vehicle in a garage or other protected area when you are not using it to further preserve the vinyl wrap from damage from the sun, foul weather, and any falling or flying objects.


The Value of Going With 3M

With durable 3M vinyl, you can confidently install a wrap in many colors and finishes (or create your own vibrant custom design) and know that it will last.  

If you’re a business owner, custom wrapping a car essentially converts the vehicle into a billboard on wheels that proudly displays your logo, phone number, or products. Visually interesting commercial car wraps have a way of grabbing people's attention, making it a cost-effective means of advertising and boosting your visibility in the area where it will be driven.

In addition, a tasteful custom vinyl can cover a dull paint job and help increase the value of your car if you decide to sell it. Alternatively, you can easily remove the wrap that has kept the original finish underneath looking new by protecting it from scuffs and scratches. 3M vinyl will not leave any residue after it is taken off.

3M is so confident about its vinyl wraps that if they are installed and maintained properly, the company offers a warranty of up to eight years for vertical applications and three years on horizontal or non-vertical applications.


Wrapping Up

If you’re looking to spruce up the appearance of your car or leverage the versatility of a good vinyl wrap for advertising or other purposes, contact the experts at AirMark. We carry 3M vinyl materials, large-format printers, and vinyl cutters so you need to easily create unique 3M printed vinyl wraps that will last. 

Our team is ready to guide you in your selections and ensure that you get exactly what you need. Ready to finally give your vinyl wrap game the boost it needs? Reach out to AirMark today!