Vinyl Cutters for Sign Makers

Your business is important. Whether you are an established signage and printing company or a small business upgrading into investing in vinyl printing and cutting, it is important you understand the materials of your trade. Premium vinyl supplies are an investment you cannot skimp on due to the versatility and durability of printing with vinyl. 

If you are just getting acquainted with printing and cutting vinyl, it is important to work with a supplier that understands all of the equipment necessary to satisfy your clients. AirMark is a notable supplier that offers everything from sign supplies for 3M vinyl to vinyl decal squeegee tools, as well as expert tech support so your employees become experts themselves. AirMark also offers competitive pricing, which makes your investment truly cost-efficient. 

When it comes to making these investments, it is important to have a breakdown of the best supplies. We took the top two vinyl cutters from AirMark’s inventory and broke down everything you need to know.

The Best Vinyl Cutters


Summa has been around since before the turn of the millenia and has consistently remained the most advanced performance-price leader. Summa has evolved to keep up with cutting-edge European engineering technologies while working with decades of experience from Summa experts.

The latest iterations of their vinyl cutters combine the world’s most reliable sensor technology with complicated algorithms to deliver accurate contour cutting every time. It excels with not only standard materials, but also reflective, metallic, and holographic materials. Their cutters are built to withstand the wear and tear that naturally occurs in busy production environments. 

Right now, we have our eye on the Summa S2 T160 sixty-four-inch Vinyl Cutter, due to its best-in-class versatility with cutting signs, vehicle lettering, labels, and more. With it’s advanced tangential cutting head, you gain full control over the blades cutting depth, which allows you to both die cut and kiss cut vinyl during the same job. AirMark offers customers quotes, price matches, and virtual demos to help you find the perfect equipment for your company.


Roland vinyl cutters are powerful and easy to operate, making them a premium choice for industrial vinyl cutting. Their Roland CAMM-1 GR-640 cutter comes with a wide variety of features to provide the customization your customers need with the ease of operation your staff requires.

This cutter in particular can cut for a variety of orders and projects–labels and decals, wall graphics, apparel, signs, and more. Your business, no matter the size, will be able to expand its range of products and services with a vinyl cutter from Roland. 

What else stands out about Roland vinyl cutters? They have electronically adjustable pinch rollers with ten pressure settings that firmly grip the thinnest and thickest vinyl prints. Their engineering is designed for precise and quick cutting with an increased downforce of 600 grams–this increases your production speed and decreases time spent on individual orders, creating more overall efficiency for your business. Speaking of equipment as an investment, the model mentioned above features a cutting groove that prolongs the life of the blade.

When purchasing equipment for your printing company, you need to invest thoughtfully. The equipment you purchase needs to last, to operate effectively for a variety of orders, and needs to be easy for staff to use. Nobody wants to change out their equipment regularly and retrain staff on different equipment. With Summa and Roland, you can be sure you are investing in the most cost-effective and professional vinyl cutters. 

Still unsure? Contact the experts at AirMark to schedule a quote, consultation, or virtual demonstration of equipment. Our expert team offers professional guidance and support to help you make the best investment possible for your business or project.