Sign Supplies: 3M Vinyl

When ordering premium printing supplies for your printing or sign making business, you want to thoroughly understand your materials. Vinyl printing uses durable, water-proof, and scratch resistant inks, making it an ideal material for printing indoor and outdoor signage. Vinyl supply distributors can help prepare your business to upgrade to using vinyl in your signage. Everything from printing the sign itself and the adhesive and tapes used to vinyl cutters for sign makers will be covered by a quality distributor.

So, what is 3M vinyl? 3M vinyl is a printable wrap film. One of the top types of vinyl on the market currently is 3M electrocut cast vinyl. 3M electrocut cast vinyl comes out thinner than other films and offers optimal durability. When it comes to ordering vinyl sign supplies, you want to work with a manufacturer that can offer you a wide variety of vinyl with expert knowledge on every type. You will also want to ensure you have the right equipment to print and cut your vinyl designs, and suppliers such as AirMark can easily help to set your business up for success.

What makes AirMark stand out as a vinyl supplier is our team’s expert knowledge on tech support for sign makers. Most printing industry professionals complain that the technology is where they struggle to make unusual accommodations for clients, or that they lack the confidence to fully understand their cutters and printers. AirMark is the only printing supply company that confidently pushes the boundaries and innovates what is possible in vinyl printing.

When clients are shopping for materials for their business’ signage, they look to you for expert advice. If a client is wavering between direct printing or vinyl printing, you want to be able to provide them the information they need to make a decision right for them. When they get their needs met, you are guaranteed a customer for life.

Pros and Cons of Printing with 3M Vinyl


  • It is durable–When applied correctly and with a high-quality of vinyl, vinyl signs are weather-proof, sturdy, and long-lasting. AirMark offers vinyl that is much more durable to UV rays and changes in weather to prevent your vinyl signs from cracking. This makes vinyl ideal for both short-term signage (such as a vinyl sign notating store hours of operation, which are subject to change) or long-term signage.
  • It is portable and lightweight–Most vinyls are very lightweight, but it does depend on the size of the order and type of vinyl. This can lower potential shipping costs, but also makes the signs easy for your clients to transport if signage is needed for events or multiple locations. 
  • It is versatile–Perhaps one of the biggest pros to using vinyl is how versatile the material is. It can be applied to any smooth surface. Vinyl is used for auto-detailing, can be applied to wood or metal, and it is frequently used on glass surfaces as well. Due to its versatility, clients find they can use vinyl for all of the diverse signage needs.


  • It is costly and can be time-consuming–3M vinyl is a more expensive vinyl to use for printing because it requires more labor and time for printing. This can apply doubly for bulk orders, given that there is more to print and it can take more time and manpower. Clients should order in bulk well in advance of when the signage is needed to ensure the order is complete and shipped in time.
  • Installation and removal can be tricky for clients–Because the signage is like a sticker, clients need to be careful when laying the vinyl and removing the application tape to avoid catching debris underneath in order to avoid creating bubbles in the vinyl.

Vinyl signage comes with many benefits for both printing companies and clients ordering signs–but it also comes with some factors that, depending on your company’s staffing and abilities, may require prompt communication with the client. When you best understand your materials, you are able to mitigate any delays in orders. AirMark offers a wide array of support to its customers, ensuring that you feel confident in your products and projects.