Vinyl Decal Squeegee Tool

When it comes to applying your vinyl decals or signs, the squeegee is one of the most important pieces of equipment. Sure, vinyl printers and vinyl cutters are important for sign makers, but they are not worth much if you do not have the proper tools to apply the vinyl flawlessly. When it comes to creating advertisements for your clients, you want to ensure you are using only the best vinyl supplies. Everything from colorful prints to precise cuts and smooth application matters when you work in the printing industry.

Of all the equipment needed for vinyl signage supplies, the squeegee is the least expensive but just as important as anything. Due to its low cost, many make the mistake of thinking it is not important to research squeegees; it can even feel confusing to know which squeegee is right for your business’ needs. Luckily, we compiled a list of our favorite vinyl squeegees so you know exactly which ones suit the needs of your projects and clients.

Best Vinyl Decal Squeegees

Four-Inch Nylon Squeegee

This squeegee is durable and precise, which is exactly why we love it. It features high-stability twin ribs to ensure your decal is placed with even pressure when you are applying the decal to the substrate. Like any investment you make in equipment, it can be used for medium- and heavy-weight films, graphics, vinyl, tape, silk screens, and PSA needs.

This squeegee is offered at the low cost of $18.00 for a pack of ten at AirMark.

Durable Black Felt Edge Vinyl Squeegee Tool

This scratch-free squeegee is made with a fabric felt edge, which keeps the squeegee durable and firm, but due to its soft material, you can apply it to nearly any surface without the risk of marks or scratches. The edges are also rounded, so you can firmly press down corners without hurting the vinyl film or the surface of the substrate.

While they are available online, you only receive three in a pack, making it a less economical choice than the nylon squeegee available through Airmark.

Gomake Vinyl Felt Magnet Tint Squeegee

With two magnets on each end of this squeegee, you can easily stick it to any metallic surface so you do not have to soil it on other surfaces or attract dust and debris to it. This squeegee includes a dual edge scraper that is ideal for pressing down on the edge of a film, which can improve the paste effect on the decal. One downside is that this squeegee is used primarily for vinyl car decals because it is smaller, although it still can be effective for applying vinyl decals on windows and other hard, smooth surfaces.

In Summary

When it comes to finding a vinyl decal squeegee, you want to remember that you are investing in equipment for your company. Not all squeegees are created equal, and failing to invest in the right ones can botch your entire sign or decal. 

It is important to purchase squeegees that are not only cost-effective, but also durable and high-quality. This is why we highly recommend the four-inch Nylon Squeegee available through AirMark, due to its low cost without any compromise of quality. Applying your vinyl is the final step to any signage project, after making sure you have the most valuable squeegee ready to go.