Twelve Tips for Business Owners Impacted by the Pandemic

A month ago, we started hearing about it more and more on the news. Two weeks ago coronavirus was quickly becoming a household word. Today, it’s something every business in every industry in the United States is having to deal with. Bob Hagel of Murrieta, California’s Eagle’s Mark sent this into Sign & Digital Graphics’ sister publication, A&E, and we wanted to share it with you. Thanks, Bob!

“COVID-19 has brought business almost to a halt, and we are still in shock about how quickly life has changed. Rather than watching the news all day, we can take the opportunity to use the time to catch up with some chores that may have fallen behind. Here is a brief list of things we can quickly focus on, which will improve our business in the long run and perhaps improve our dispositions.

"We can take the opportunity to use the time to catch up with some chores that may have fallen behind."

  1. Clean up the showroom and workspace. Disinfect all counters, doors, and other places people touch.
  2. Throw out all those things that have accumulated and you swore you would use someday (that someday is long past).
  3. Some maintenance and repairs are always needed on our equipment.
  4. That dreaded filing ... it’s time to catch up.
  5. It may be time to archive your accounting system.
  6. Time to make new samples for the showroom. New products have just come out.
  7. Take down all the old samples of products that are not selling or maybe are not available any longer.
  8. Clean up your website; post new images, new products, check all your text for spelling and relevancy and check all links.
  9. You may even have time to paint a wall or two, or clean carpets, without disturbing customers.
  10. Catch up on your social media postings. If you post, be positive.
  11. If you are open for business, use social media and your website to let people know.
  12. Reach out to customers who may be in need to see if you can help.‚ÄĚ

Written by Bob Hagel, Eagle’s Mark, and reposted with permission from Sign & Digital Graphics.

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