Saving Lives on Work Sites Comes Down to Industrial Safety Signage Expertise

Nearly 3 million workers operate hazardous and often dangerous equipment on a regular basis. This fact stretches across work sites all over the country, making it a national challenge that companies in the industrial, manufacturing, construction and heavy-duty-related spheres must address daily.

Even the most cautious of employees can sometimes make a wrong move, or a piece of machinery can malfunction seemingly without warning - these incidences are hard to deter and even harder to predict. But there is also a subcategory of safety at play, and this is the environment in which workers operate.

Printed safety signs mounted to substrate
Safety signage saves lives and makes your business productive.

At any given industrial site, there is equipment that's capable of doing great harm to both operations and employees alike. But these sites are also mandated by law to display a wide variety of safety and organizational signage that is meant to discourage risky behavior and inform workers of safety requirements.

Partnering with a provider of cutting and printing technology such as AirMark means companies can produce their own decals, labels, signs, tags and stencils that are necessary to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Here's what your business gains by signage expertise:

Fast, affordable and customizable service

Any executive will tell you there's simply not enough time in the day. That's why every minute and every second must be maximized during work hours. The same should be true for the products and services you receive from vendors.

"The more flexibility and customization capabilities you have, the more your investment will pay off."

AirMark understands time, money and organizational restraints, and delivers on its promise of excellent service. Stenciling, labeling and cutting systems can be customized to meet your exact needs and come with various warranty and accessory options. This means you don't have to spend an inordinate amount of time learning, re-learning and troubleshooting machinery that doesn't actually serve the purpose you intended.

Additionally, AirMark's advanced flatbed, vinyl and printer cutters are built for speed and accuracy.

Stenciling and marking systems with plenty of accessories and supplies

The key to investing in equipment is to ensure it is versatile enough to accommodate various applications.

In terms of producing decals, graphics and signs, most size, color and shape requirements are mandated by law. Yet there are also smaller, but equally important, labels and tags that can be placed around industrial sites to keep production moving safely and efficiently.

To accomplish both of these tasks, it helps if the equipment you purchase also comes with add-ons and ancillary supplies that may also be necessary. The more flexibility and customization capabilities you have, the more your investment will pay off.

Safety signs can be displayed on production floors, on equipment, in work rooms, by elevators and virtually anywhere you believe a specific area could benefit from additional organization.

Cutting-edge technology at your fingertips

Upfront investments are a tough choice for owners and managers to make, especially when technology rapidly changes and equipment can quickly become dated. Your options then become: leasing equipment every so often, or procuring the latest technology that you know will last.

Summa has revolutionized the cutting industry with high-end drag knives and multifunctional heads. By utilizing tracking software, cutters are more precise and produce less waste.

Summa's F Series Flatbed Cutter, for instance, is an award-winning cutting solution that produces signage and displays to spec.

When lives are on the line, updated signage is paramount - so is partnering with an industry-leading provider of cutting and printing technology.

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