Why Choose Summa Vinyl Cutters and Contour Cutters?

Summa vinyl cutters and plotters offer contour cuts far superior to their competitors with guaranteed tracking of 26ft within +/-0.010” on SummaCut models and guaranteed tracking of 40ft within +/-0.004” on S2 Series models. The closest competitor can only guarantee 6.7ft of tracking within +/-0.010”. This means that when compared to any other vinyl cutting machine on the market, a Summa vinyl cutter will give you more accurate contour cuts over a far greater length of material. Summa cutters are meticulously engineered to provide unmatched quality for the high-volume driven sign-making and car wrap industries.

Other benefits of Summa vinyl cutting machines

1 Highly intuitive and easy to use control panels allows you to quickly change speed, pressure, plot mode, perform test cuts, and much more.

2 Compatibility with all popular RIP and cutting software like Onyx, Caldera, Wasatch, and FlexiSign.

3 Exceptional customer service and highly-knowledgeable technical support provided from right here at Summa.

SummaCut Series Vinyl Cutters

It's no wonder why the SummaCut Series is one of the most popular series of vinyl cutting machines ever built. By combining world renowned craftsmanship with real-world affordability, Summa managed to create a top-of-the-line cutter series that tops all other competitors.

Performance-price leader
Cut speed of 44 inches/sec
Starts at $2,690
SummaCut D75 30in (76cm)
SummaCut D75 Vinyl Cutter
SummaCut D120 48 in (122 cm)
SummaCut-D120 Vinyl Cutter
SummaCut D140 54 in (137 cm)
SummaCut D140 Vinyl Cutter
SummaCut D160 64 in (164 cm)
SummaCut D160 Vinyl Cutter

Summa S2 D Series Vinyl Cutters

Designed specifically for high-volume cutting environments, Summa’s S Class 2 D Series unites power and precision with an efficient and affordable high-speed drag knife cutting head. The D series is a do-it-all dynamo with the resilience to perform day in and day out.

High-speed detailed cutting
Cut speed of 56 inches/sec
Starts at $4,390
S2 D75 30in (76cm)
S2 D75 Vinyl Cutter
S2 D120 48 in (122 cm)
S2 D120 Vinyl Cutter
S2 D140 54 in (137 cm)
S2 D140 Vinyl-Cutter
S2 D160 64 in (164 cm)
S2 D160 Vinyl Cutter

Summa S2 T Series Vinyl Cutters

Featuring computer controlled blade rotation and up to 600 grams of cutting force, Summa’s S Class 2 T Series combines the precision of a flatbed cutter with the ease and speed of a roll-fed cutter by utilizing our legendary True Tangential cutting head. The T series simply cuts with more force and accuracy than any cutter in it’s class.

Superior precision cutting
True tangential cutting head
Starts at $5,890
S2 T75 30in (76cm)
S2 T75 Vinyl Cutter
S2 T120 48 in (122 cm)
S2 T120 Vinyl Cutter
S2 T140 54 in (137 cm)
S2 T140 Vinyl Cutter
S2 T160 64 in (164 cm)
S2 T160 Vinyl Cutter

Summa OPOS-CAM S2 Series Vinyl Cutters

By combining advanced camera optics technology with our intelligent CameraControl recognition software, Summa’s S Class 2 OPOS-CAM Series significantly increases registration-mark recognition while paired with the legendary performance of our True Tangential cutting head. By incorporating unprecedented speed, force, and accuracy, we held nothing back with the OPOS-CAM Series.

Best-in-class performance
Advanced camera optics
Starts at $7,490
OPOS-CAM TC75 30in (76cm)
OPOS-CAM TC75 Vinyl Cutter
OPOS-CAM TC140 54 in (137 cm)
OPOS-CAM TC140 Vinyl Cutter
OPOS-CAM TC160 64 in (164 cm)
OPOS-CAM TC160 Vinyl Cutter