Extended Tech Support Plan for Summa Products

When we’re promised top-notch performance from our technical products, we expect it. But like most technology, even the best Summa equipment can experience some hiccups with extended and loaded use. However, through AirMark, you can get tech support plans for your Summa products at competitive tech support plans pricing—even if you’re out of warranty or if you purchased your items outside of AirMark! You can even subscribe to a one-time tech support plan if you only need assistance for an isolated incident.

What Is Extended Tech Support?

Technical support, also known as IT support, is a service provided to assist software and hardware consumers with any issues they encounter with a product. In contrast to traditional training, it focuses on helping users with specific problems.

Tech support varies in terms of complexity, with tiers designed to assist people depending on the level of their problem. The service is then delivered in multiple ways, from online tutorials to one-on-one calls with an expert.

How Does Extended Tech Support Work?

Tech support works in a tier system, in which the areas of responsibility are divided between certain types of services that a team can provide consumers. The areas of responsibility for each tier may vary from tech support provided to another, but generally, they’re divided as follows:

Tier 0

Tier 0 refers to self-help or user-retrieved information. At this level, the tech support provider offers service catalogs such as FAQs, product information, manuals, and search functions, usually through a website or app, which users can access without involving IT staff.

If a user is unable to get answers for their issue, they can escalate their problem to Tier 1 by sending an email, filling out a form, or contacting the tech support staff through social media, among other available contact points.

Tier 1

Tier 1 is the first line of a tech support’s defense–this usually involves a team of junior IT staff who can assist users by solving basic issues like password resets, user problems, or usage issues. They can conduct basic troubleshooting, which they usually do by following scripts.

Tier 2

Tier 2 personnel provide in-depth technical support. They typically have a base knowledge of the product and possess the skills to address more complex issues that might require remote control tools—all from extensive use of the product. At this level, the tech support staff will communicate with a consumer for an in-depth analysis of the problem before offering solutions.

Tier 3

Tier 3 is the highest level of technical skill you’ll get from an IT team. This level consists of product engineers, developers, architects, or creators. When a problem is elevated to tier 3, the team looks into the root of the problem, which could go all the way into the code or the design of the product. They then bring up the issues with the company to provide solutions that may be integrated into the next product design or iteration.

Tier 4

Tier 4 is the tech support that’s not actually part of a company’s support team. Instead, it’s contracted support for items that are provided by but not directly serviced by the organization, such as printer support, vendor software support, machine maintenance, and other outsourced services provided by a supplier or other third-party services.

Benefits of Extended Technical Support for Summa Equipment

Having extended tech support for Summa equipment facilitates the operation, maintenance, and support of your Summa products. With a tech support plan from AirMark, you benefit from direct access to experts who can help you resolve issues and keep your software and hardware running in tip-top shape, reducing downtime and preventing any long-lasting problems that could negatively affect your company’s productivity.

Extended Tech Support Plan Pricing

AirMark provides extended tech support plans for all Summa equipment users, whether or not you’re still on warranty or if you purchased the products from AirMark. The pricing differs depending on your circumstance, the number of support calls you’d need, and if you only need software support. Plans start at $99 per incident troubleshooting.

Get an Extended Tech Support Plan for Summa Equipment From AirMark

Having a tech support plan for your Summa equipment is crucial to ensuring that your products always perform at their best. It’s also great to have direct access to experts who can tell you the best ways to maintain your software and hardware so that you get the most out of your investment. Subscribe to an extended tech support plan for Summa equipment from AirMark today!

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