Summa Tech Support Plans: Pricing

Having an extended tech support plan for Summa equipment ensures that your products perform in tip-top shape for a longer time. It will help you maintain high-performance levels among your hardware and software even as your tech evolves, your workloads grow, or your business scales.

AirMark offers Summa support for software and hardware, with plans available for a range of uses, whether you’re still in warranty or you purchased your Summa items from another supplier. Plans start at $99 for one-time use, but you can also subscribe for more extensive coverage, such as the $599 ten-call punch card (valid for two years for products purchased from AirMark).

Benefits of Having a Tech Support Plan for Summa Equipment

A tech support plan gives you direct access to product experts who can guide you on the ins and outs of your Summa equipment–this allows you to keep your hardware and software products optimized and safe from damaging problems. Subscribing to a tech support plan from AirMark is a cost-effective solution, as it safeguards you from the risks and losses that you could face without having on-call support to assist you if anything goes awry.

Here are some reasons why you should get a tech support plan for Summa equipment from AirMark:

Easy Access to Product Experts

With AirMark’s tech support plans, you get direct access to professionals with extensive knowledge and experience with handling Summa products. They are equipped to solve any issues that you might encounter with your product software or hardware.

You can get in touch with them easily through call or email, which makes it convenient for when you need one-on-one support as soon as possible.

Fast and Efficient Tech

Tech can age over extended periods of use and poor maintenance, causing them to get slow and buggy. But you can slow this process—or prevent it from even happening at all—when you know the best practices to maximize their efficiency without overworking them. A tech support team from AirMark can help you in this regard by offering product services and solutions that maintain and resolve product performance issues, such as upgrades, virus troubleshooting, and software management.

Protection from Unexpected Issues

All technology can be compromised by hardware and software issues, but a good tech support plan can protect your Summa products; an IT support team can lead in the detection and removal of any threats and vulnerabilities. That team can also guide you on the proper safe usage of your equipment so that your Summa products always perform at their best.

Cross-Product Support

Some of the best businesses are decked out in Summa equipment, and having these work together seamlessly is crucial for productivity. Summa support provides services for all Summa products, allowing you to cover all of your bases.

Proactive and Cost-Effective Solution

When your equipment is down, you are wasting time and resources. Having tech support is a cost-effective solution because it’s a faster way to get your business back up and running should you get into some hardware or software mishaps. Plus, it comes out cheaper than having to tinker with the equipment yourself without any idea what’s really going on–you might be doing more bad than good!

How Much Are Tech Support Plans for Summa Equipment?

AirMark offers several options for Summa tech support. If you have a Summa product purchased from AirMark that’s still under warranty, just get in touch for free support. Support is also free for Summa DC3-DC5 Series, regardless of warranty status (excluding training).

If you have an AirMark-purchased Summa product that’s out of warranty, here are your available plans:

  • $99 for a single incident report
  • $399 for a five-call punch card valid for a year
  • $599 for a 10-call punch card valid for two years

If you have Summa equipment that wasn’t purchased from AirMark and is out of warranty, you can choose from the following plans:

  • $199 for a single incident report
  • $799 for a five-call punch card valid for a year
  • $1,199 for a ten-call punch card valid for two years

AirMark also offers tech support plans for software at $99 for products purchased from AirMark, and $199 for software purchased outside of AirMark (both are per-incident prices).

Tech Support Plans for Summa Equipment From AirMark

AirMark has the largest and most tenured technical support team for Summa products in the United States, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands when you purchase a tech support plan from us. Contact AirMark today to learn more!

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