One-Time Tech Support Plan for Summa Equipment

Many businesses in the printing industry work with a lot of technology, and while you can rely on the best brands, like Summa, to deliver high-quality products seamlessly through their devices, it’s still important to have an extended tech support plan at the ready just in case something unexpected happens.

AirMark maintains the largest and most tenured Summa tech support team in the United States. There are multiple technical support options that you can choose from, depending on how often you expect to need help from Summa product experts. You can even purchase a one-time tech support plan if you’re only interested in getting a service done for an isolated incident!

What Is Tech Support?

Technical support is a range of services that companies provide to customers of software and hardware products. Tech support teams help users to solve common problems through the phone, via email, over chat, or through remote access support software like Teamviewer.

Tech support staff are representatives who know the ins and outs of a product, which makes them qualified to solve any issues. For example, a Summa tech support staff will know everything about your Summa equipment, and they can answer any questions you have and resolve any software or hardware issues, even remotely.

If a tech support rep is unable to fix a problem, then it could be escalated to the product’s development team who will address it in the next product update or iteration.

Do I Need Tech Support for Summa Equipment?

Having a relationship with a highly qualified Summa tech support provider through an AirMark tech support plan is necessary if you want to ensure that your equipment runs efficiently for a longer time. Tech support can help ensure that your software and hardware work even as your tech ecosystem evolves, your projects grow, and your business scales. Plus, being just a call or email away from a Summa expert brings you peace of mind knowing that any unexpected issues can be solved right away.

Benefits of Having a Tech Support Plan

Having a tech support plan for Summa equipment from AirMark helps you keep your tech fast and optimized, grants you easy access to product experts, protects you from software and hardware problems, and offers cross-platform support, all while being a cost-effective solution that will have your business continue running efficiently.

Let’s look at the specific benefits of having a tech support plan:

Fast and Optimized Tech

Tech can slow and get buggy over extended periods of use–that’s just the nature of the ever-evolving industry. However, you can ensure that your software and hardware always work at their most optimized when you have a tech support team backing you up with best practices and product services. Tech support plans offer different solutions to resolve product performance issues, including upgrades, software management, virus troubleshooting, and more.

Easy Access to Product Experts

When you’re on a tech support plan, you always have easy access to professionals that can solve any issues that you might experience with your product software or hardware. You can get in touch through a call, email, an online form, or a dedicated line through your product or plan. This saves you from hampered productivity and delayed service, especially since tech support staff are trained to resolve problems as swiftly as possible.

Protection from Software and Hardware Issues

Summa equipment promises top quality, but it’s also at risk of being compromised by software and hardware issues. The latter can occur when it’s connected to a network (making it susceptible to problems that could come from the Internet, like malware), while the former can happen when equipment isn’t operated properly.

A good tech support plan can help you protect your Summa software and equipment through detection, quarantine, and removal of threats and vulnerabilities. You can also get guidance on proper use and maintenance so that your products are always in tip-top shape!

Cross-Platform Support

Tech support can help you get to the root of a problem more quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time you could otherwise spend on production and your business goals. Plus, the fast service provided by a tech support team saves you dollars that you could’ve lost on downtime.

Tech Support Plans From AirMark

AirMark has the largest and most tenured tech support team for Summa products in the United States. Whether you bought your Summa software or equipment from AirMark or whether you’re still under warranty, AirMark can provide you coverage—even for one-time incidents. Check out our available plans today!

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