Summa S2 T160 Vinyl Cutter

In the competitive realm of graphics and signage, the right equipment can make a significant difference in your production quality and efficiency. The Summa S2 T Series Tangential Vinyl Cutter stands out as an industry-leading solution, designed to meet the needs of professionals who prioritize excellence.

As an industry powerhouse, the Summa S2 T Series is recognized as a premium vinyl cutter designed to enhance the performance of your operations. Renowned for its precise accuracy and consistent performance, the Summa S2 T Series is equipped to elevate your production capabilities. With its advanced tangential cutting technology, handling of various materials, and unique media support system, this machine is an essential investment for professionals. Let's delve into seven reasons why the Summa S2 T Series Vinyl Cutter is the preferred choice for industry experts.

7 Compelling Reasons to Invest in a Summa S2 T Series Vinyl Cutter

Exceptional Cutting Accuracy

Equipped with a tangential cutting head, the S2 T Series offers outstanding accuracy in handling complex patterns and precise corners. This accuracy is amplified by Summa's exclusive MicroSprocket‚ĄĘ drive drum and robust servo motors, which deliver excellent precision. As the media advances, it's conditioned to assure spot-on tracking precision. Whether tackling delicate designs or thicker materials, the Summa S2 T Series consistently provides clean, sharp cuts, elevating the industry standard of precision.

Reliable Performance and Durability

Recognized industry-wide for reliability and durability, this vinyl cutter offers exceptional performance. Designed with Summa's robust construction quality and extended blade capabilities, this machine consistently delivers top-tier performance. Its ability to withstand the rigors of time, coupled with a reduced need for maintenance, are testaments to its long-lasting performance. Many S2 T Series machines have been known to last decades, making them a trusted investment in the industry.

Superior Speed and Efficiency

With it's impressive cutting speed, this high-performance vinyl cutter sets a remarkable pace in the industry. It's capable of achieving a maximum acceleration of up to 5.5 G diagonal and cuts at speeds reaching 56 inches (1414 mm) per second diagonal. These specifications translate into swift, precise cuts and faster project completion times. In high-demand production environments, the S2 T Series is an indispensable asset. Its speed and efficiency make meeting challenging deadlines less stressful and more achievable.

Expansive Cutting Capabilities

Experience a world of creative possibilities with this versatile vinyl cutter. Capable of efficiently handling a diverse range of materials, from vinyl and sandblast resist to reflective materials and thick laminates, this cutter stands ready to tackle any project you throw its way. Additionally, the machine includes a standard drag knife module and a cutting strip, further enhancing its versatility and extending its lifespan.

Roll-Up System for Seamless Operations

Streamline operations and boost productivity with the servo-powered Roll-Up System. After completing a job, the system rolls up the finished work tidily, readying the cutter for the next unattended task. Its integrated paneling feature is particularly beneficial for long jobs or those involving thicker or slick materials that may require moving the entire length of the job back and forth through the cutter multiple times. By dividing these lengthy runs into shorter, manageable sections, the paneling feature ensures consistent, accurate results, alleviating potential tracking issues.

User-friendly Experience with Enhanced Connectivity

Enjoy a user-friendly experience with a vibrant color touch screen and an intuitive menu system. The cutter's Ethernet connectivity allows multiple computers to control it across a network, facilitating faster communication. It's ample internal memory ensures smooth operations and storage for design files. The Summa S2 T Series delivers an efficient and user-friendly experience for precise and streamlined cutting tasks.

GoSign Cutting Software Tailored to Your Needs

When you choose the Summa S2 T Series vinyl cutter, you also benefit from the flexible GoSign cutting software. Tailor your settings and action sets to meet your specific cutting needs, streamlining your workflow. GoSign's Material Manager feature allows easy storage and configuration of commonly used materials. Automate your workflow by dropping cutting files into the hot folder, enabling uninterrupted cutting. With plugins for Illustrator and CorelDRAW, cut directly from your preferred design program for added convenience. The GoSign cutting software enhances your cutting experience with unparalleled flexibility and control.

3 Reasons to Buy a Summa Vinyl Cutter through AirMark

Pairing the Summa S2 T Series with a reliable provider such as AirMark amplifies its benefits. Here's why choosing AirMark adds value to your Summa S2 T Series investment:

Competitive Pricing and Support Services

AirMark offers industry-best pricing, price matching, and special financing options. We are the most experienced Summa sales team in the nation, committed to delivering value beyond the product.

Extensive Training and Technical Support

AirMark provides comprehensive setup and training. Our seasoned Summa technicians respond within an hour during business hours, ensuring you're supported every step of the way.

Loaner Program

AirMark's loaner program provides a free cutter if your equipment requires lengthy repair. This helps to keep your operation up and running, minimizing downtime.

Bonus: Large Inventory and Fast Delivery

AirMark also maintains a nation-leading inventory of over 1,000+ Summa replacement parts and supplies, ready to ship from our warehouse. This ensures that you get the supplies you need promptly.

The Bottom Line

Investing in the Summa S2 T Series Vinyl Cutter, together with AirMark's renowned service, provides a compelling combination for graphics professionals. With exceptional accuracy, reliable performance, and impressive speed, the Summa S2 T Series sets the bar as an industry-best vinyl cutter, delivering a high level of precision and efficiency. Don't miss out on our exclusive Summa Vinyl Cutter deals and promotions here. Choose the Summa S2 T Series Vinyl Cutter with AirMark and take the first step towards transforming your cutting experience.

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