Car enthusiasts are all about modifying their vehicles. Whether they tint their windows, change their rotors, add a carbon trim, or blackout their wheels, the options to customize your vehicle are endless. But did you know that one prevalent modification most car owners pursue is car wrapping?

Vehicle wraps have increasingly become a popular modification that helps change the appearance of a car, van, or truck. But there is more: car wraps are for more than just decoration. 

Most business owners nowadays opt for 3M vinyl wraps for their cars that feature some sort of marketing or advertising slogan. Vinyl wraps can be a great way to advertise and promote your company’s logo. But how do you get started with vinyl wrapping your car or company vehicles?  What kind of vinyl should you go for? 3M premium cast vinyl? Avery Dennison MPI 1105 SuperCast film? Also, how long do wraps even last on a car? 

We hear you! That’s why we put together this handy little guide on all things regarding car wrap longevity. We at AirMark have got your back. 

How Long Do Car Wraps Last?

When you’re making an investment, you want to know if it’s worth it. Spending thousands of dollars on a car wrap that falls apart or peels within a few months is objectively a poor investment. To avoid flushing your money down the drain, you need to consider several factors to prolong the vibrancy and functionality of your car wrap.

Consider Material Quality 

One of the most important telltale signs of longevity is vinyl quality. As you shop around, ask yourself one question: Should I prioritize quality or quantity?

If you are in the market for a budget-friendly wrap, we highly recommend calendered vinyl. Keep in mind that while it is easier on the wallet, it is made out of a thicker material and is more prone to cracking. It is less resistant to outdoor elements, causing colors to fade and edges to peel when faced with extreme heat, cold, or wet conditions.

For a material built to withstand the outdoors, look no further than cast vinyl. Cast vinyl is made out of a thinner material that is made to be more conforming and resistant to normal wear and tear. 

AirMark offers an extensive selection of 3M and Avery Dennison vinyl flims made to withstand normal wear and tear. Our 3M premium vinyl is a cast vinyl made to last anywhere from five to seven years. But the best part is our vinyl’s compatibility with various Summa machines. That means AirMark can be your one-stop-shop for all of your vinyl and vinyl-related equipment, such as cutters and printers.

Regular Maintenance

Like with most things in life, proper maintenance can help your car wrap last longer than it might otherwise. Here are some things to keep in mind when caring for your car’s vinyl wrap:

  • Car washes are your friend: Regularly washing your car ensures that it is free of dirt, grime, and more. A regular wash will ensure that any debris or dirt is removed from the surface of the vinyl so that it can last longer. But avoid high-pressure washing. The strength of a high-pressure wash might be too much blunt force on the vinyl and cause it to disintegrate, peel off, or bubble up.

  • Mind your parking: If you constantly park your car underneath the scorching sun, you can expect the vinyl wrap to start wearing off sooner than it might. The same applies to a car stored outside during a nonstop rainstorm. Park your car in an enclosed, covered, secure spot to prolong your wrap’s lifespan.

Drive in Style With AirMark

Now that you know all about vinyl car wraps, it’s time to get the materials. Whether you want calendered or cast vinyl, AirMark has it all. We are a top-notch supplier of everything needed for your premium vinyl experience. Give us a call today for personalized referrals for vinyl wraps for your car!