Customer and Equipment Spotlight - Air Filter Factory

Did you know that there is a US based manufacturer and distributor of Air Filters?

Air Filter Factory manufactures and distributes an expansive product line of air filters for nearly every commercial or residential air filter application.

The business has ordered several pieces of equipment from AirMark including the Epson S80600 printer, the Summa D140 roll-fed cutter, the F Series flatbed cutter and a GFP laminator.

We caught up with Dawn to check in on their operation and to find out more about how AirMark equipment, service, and support has helped them reach their goals over the past several years.

How would you categorize the industry you are in?

Air Filter Factory is a manufacturer and distributor of filters; every kind of air filter, for every application. All of our filters are American made by an American-owned company right here in Ohio.

We’ve also started a new company, Braddax Print Studio. The new company is going to utilize downtime from our printing and cutting equipment to produce graphics, signage, packaging and custom projects for customers locally as well as via internet sales

Summa F1612 Flatbed Cutter

Describe how you're using the Summa F1612 Flatbed Cutter?

We've been utilizing the flatbed cutter to make custom cardboard templates ‚Äď basically creating a technical layer that protects the filters during shipping‚Äď each filter has a specific shipping template spec. We produce thousands of these templates for our shipping operations, keeping the flatbed running pretty much from morning to end of day every single day. We are also using the cutter to cut all of our print orders from stickers to acrylic ornaments and everything in between.

What has the equipment allowed you to do in terms of expansion into new markets, meeting existing demand, etc.?

The F1612 has opened up a lot of new project potential for us, and, in addition to the custom projects we push to our printer for Braddax business, it is a critically important machine in the creation of our shipping kits for Air Filter Factory. It really affords us a lot of creativity and efficiency in supporting both businesses.

Our Epson S80600 is great ‚Äď We've had virtually no problems with the printer as it's just operated exceptionally well for us from day one. We primarily use the printer for marketing, signage, banners and special projects at Air Filter Factory as well as all of our printing and cutting needs for Braddax.

Describe the sales and delivery process ‚Äď what did AirMark do well, what we can improve on?

We‚Äôve made 4 equipment purchases from AirMark. The Sale and delivery process has always been great ‚Äď Our Salesperson, Phil is a great communicator, he stayed on top of details, communicated very well and was super quick to respond. Dan in Technical Support was great setting up the equipment and bringing us up to speed with training. We researched other flatbed cutters and distributors, and ultimately decided to go with Summa and AirMark. It‚Äôs obvious how much experience they have in this industry. It was a great choice and we've been very happy with the decision.

"We’ve made 4 equipment purchases from AirMark. The Sale and delivery process has always been great."

Based on your history with us, what brief testimonial would you give AirMark as a company?

Keep doing great work! I have only positive feedback for the team at AirMark!

You can learn more about AirFilter Factory, and order filters for your home or business directly from their web store here:

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