Reengineered from the ground up, the S One’s design, ergonomics, and construction build on decades of history in demanding cutting environments. The results are impressive. The S One showcases a sleek, new and modern industrial design. It also incorporates updates and enhancements for better quality, improved ergonomics, and higher productivity.

Choose From Four Versatile Sizes

S One D75

30" Drag-Knife Vinyl Cutter

S One D120

48" Drag-Knife Vinyl Cutter

S One D140

54" Drag-Knife Vinyl Cutter

S One D160

64" Drag-Knife Vinyl Cutter

An Exciting and New Modern Look

New features include an intuitive and vibrant touch screen, mechanical parts highlighted in blue to guide operator navigation, a redesigned mesh media basket, and gray grit rollers.

Vibrant Touch Screen

Blue Highlights to Guide Operators

New Mesh Basket

S One Feature Highlights

  • New modern look with ergonomic design
  • Intuitive touchscreen and other user-friendly features
  • Up to 600 gr of knife presurre with the brand-new cutting head
  • Performance increase thanks to the new OPOS sensor
  • Higher cutting accuracy with new OPOS Xtra alignment method
  • Convenient media handling with new tilting design of the basket
  • Extra WiFi* connecitivity option, additional to USB Port and Ethernet Port
  • Includes the latest Summa in-house developed software, Summa GoSign

The S One's Powerful Drag Knife Cutting Head

The drag (or swivel) technique is the most common on the market. The most important benefit is its simplicity and reliability.

The S One’s versatile cutting head allows for quick switches between standard blades, thick material blades, plotting pens or pouncing tools to create perforated templates.

With up to 600 grams of cutting force, the affordable S One cutter outperforms many manufacturers' high-end cutters. We would like to emphasize that our cutting head is built and tested to sustain these high pressures. These 600 grams is, therefore, not just a peak value! With the optional sandblast knife, materials up to 0.8 mm thick can be cut.

Advanced Summa internal programming delivers quality and versatility, which cannot be found in any other drag-knife cutter. Our exclusive OptiCut feature eliminates flaws due to knife wear. The FlexCut feature enables cutting through paper, cardboard and even vinyl.

Ready To Improve Your Cutting Game?

The S One Series is your first choice where value and reliability are top of mind. Many competitors can deliver an acceptable cutting quality, but can they do it over 8 meters long, at full speed, after hours of cutting at full speed, and after years of intensive use? The S One cutter can and was built and tested to do so, and Summa guarantees it.

Introducing the New Summa S One Series

S One's New Advanced Technology

The S One Series comes with revambped internal intelligence systems to automate many tasks and reduce operator actions while including a state-of-the-art drive system to increase speed and productivity.

Internal Intelligence

The internal intelligence automates certain tasks and reduces operator actions and human errors. All relevant speed settings are standard linked to the main velocity parameter. This minimizes the amount of parameters to change when more demanding material types need to be cut. When contour cutting using the OPOS and utilizing it's barcode, many features are automatically activated further avoiding potential operator mistakes and increasing ease-of-use.

State-of-the-art Drive System

The S One servo motor drive system is outstanding when it comes to quality and speed. Once TurboCut is enabled, the cutter can compete with most premium positioned competitive products. And even when competitive cutters match the S Ones speed, The S One is often more productive still. The state-of-the-art drive system ensures the machine can still cut at high speeds, even in the most challenging curves.

GoSign Software Workflow

GoSign is included free of charge with all Summa roll-fed cutters. This software enablesto import PDF, SGP, OXF and DXF files. It scales, rotates and prepares the design for cutting. GoSign can add a weeding box and it can also automate certain tasks you tomake your designs ready to cut. GoSign software includes the following features:

  • Material manager to save various material settings such as speed, pressure, camera profile for OPOS CAM
  • Ability to create your own action sets to automate workflows
  • Available in several languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Dutch
  • Available as a plug-in for CorelDRAW & Illustrator
  • Capable of controlling multiple Summa devices simultaneously
  • Includes the sorting functionality to increase productivity
  • The extra DXF import filter makes GoSign a handy software for CAD users
  • Plus many more, including a wide variety of advanced Pro Pack features!

S One Specifications

MODEL S1 D75 S1 D120 S1 D140 S1 D160
WIDTH 30 in 48 in 54 in 64 in
MEDIA WIDTH N/A Rolls: 5.5 to 53.2 in
Sheets: 5.5 to 53.2 in
Rolls: 7.5 to 59 in
Sheets: 7.5 to 59 in
Rolls: 7.5 to 66.5 in
Sheets: 7.5 to 66.5 in
CUTTING AREA N/A 50 in x 164 ft 55.5 in x 164 ft 63.4 x 164 ft
TRACKING PERFORMANCE Within +/- 0.004 in on plots;
Up to 26 ft on rolls up to 30 in wide
Up to 13 ft on rolls over 30 in wide
SPEED Up to 113 cm/sec diagonal
ACCELERATION Up to 3 G diagonal
KNIFE PRESSURE 0-600 grams, in 5 grams increments
STAND & BASKET Not Included Included Included Included

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