When starting up a professional signage shop, you don’t want to have to search for different online or in-person stores to purchase your supplies and equipment from every time you need to order. Finding one, tried-and-true, reputable supplier can streamline your ordering procedures and simplify your business practices.

But working with a vinyl and digital print shop is more than choosing between different Summa S3 cutters or vinyl roll cutter machines–it’s having the most current, top-quality products and materials and customer support that you can trust. 

In this article, we’ll dive into exactly what you should expect from a professional vinyl and digital print shop supplier, and what additional services or features that can elevate your experience.

The Basics

There are minimum requirements of what you can expect at a high-quality vinyl or digital print shop. We’re going to focus on shops that specialize in vinyl and digital print projects, rather than general hobby stores for smaller-print projects. 

From vinyl rolls to sheet cutters and beyond, your store should focus on the types of projects your signage shop completes. The supplier you choose to go to should have these features:

Premium Materials for a Range of Projects

What makes these shops stand out is the wide range of products offered. It’s easy to say you need a roll of vinyl, but not all types of vinyl are right for every project. These shops offer cast vinyl, calendered, glossy vinyl, and more. If your shop sees a range of clients with a variety of prints, you need materials that are just as diverse as your customers’ demands.

At AirMark, you can find everything from vinyl wall film to various large-format printer ink cartridges and ribbons to upgrade your prints and projects. With high-quality materials, the prints you give your customers can be more vibrant and long-lasting, resulting in positive feedback and repeat customers.

High-Quality Machinery

The world of cutters, printers, and laminators can be intimidating if you are upgrading your equipment to withstand high-volume projects. It’s one thing when you’re a small business owner cutting vinyl stickers with a manual desktop cutter, and another when you’re printing and producing vehicle wraps and banners for larger orders.

Your print shop supplier should offer you a variety of equipment from a range of different brands so you can get the best insights on the equipment that’s right for you.

Accessories and More

Accessories are the most commonly forgotten–but most necessary–piece of your printing business. Your supplier should be a one-stop-shop for everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. 

Suppliers should have a range of accessories and add-ons, such as replacement blades, swab kits, squeegees, and application fluid. The last thing you want is to scramble to add those final touches that elevate your product to premium quality.

The Perks

Suppliers should have exactly what you need, when you need it. But what about what you want? The following factors may not be necessary to keep your business running, but they go the extra mile:

Easy-Access Customer Service

When working with suppliers, you’re likely going to submit orders electronically online or with an associate over the phone. No matter how reputable your supplier is, orders may come late, might get mixed up, or you may be looking to try new products and want recommendations. 

Choose a supplier with customer service that is easy to reach, rather than talking to bots or getting lost in a phone-tree of options that send you to recorded responses. 

Extended Support

Suppliers like AirMark offer a range of technical support plans so you can refer to experts when things don’t go as planned. AirMark has the largest and most tenured technical support team that specializes in Summa products, particularly plotter and cutter repair. For more information, visit our Technical Support Plans to see if we can troubleshoot your technical concerns!