Whether you’re crafting or opening up your own small business, vinyl cutters are ideal for your vinyl and digital crafts. These cutters are easy to use, and the sky's the limit with the crafts and projects you can create. There are many brands out there that offer vinyl roll cutting solutions, from Cricut to Summa S3 cutters, that can fit into your home easily and help you produce your crafts and products faster.

When you’re looking for a vinyl roll cutter, there are many features and types to choose from. For example, there are two main types of vinyl roll cutters: electric and manual. 

You typically won’t find manual cutters in large sign making warehouses, but that doesn’t mean your home-shop should have to do all of the hard work. While manual cutters are cheaper, they are better for small projects and cutting in small quantities.

In this article, we’ll explore our top choices for the best home vinyl roll cutter machines and rate them based on key factors–their size, cutting speed, cutting surface, and ease of use.

The Best Budget-Friendly Option

GeminiJets Gemini Go is a small, user-friendly vinyl cutter that sits perfectly on the desk of your home office. It’s the only manual vinyl cutter on this list, but don’t let that scare you–this small cutter is perfect for at-home hobbyists who want to cut small vinyl products or practice embossing without breaking the bank.

This cutter is portable and works with a range of materials, including vinyl, foil, heavyweight cardstock, and even multiple layers of fabric. The GeminiJets Gemini Go offers edge-to-edge cutting for materials of up to three inches by six inches. 

The Best Professional Vinyl Roll Cutter

The Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 24-inch desktop vinyl cutter is ideal for users who need a little more strength and power, along with a professional flair. This desktop cutter maximizes precision and efficiency with its redesigned cutting carriage and blade holder, which allow you to cut up to twenty inches per second.. 

This cutter offers impeccable stability and up to ten times overlap cutting and down force of up to 340 grams. This means you can cut through thick, dense substrates easier.

When purchased through AirMark, this cutter comes with Roland CutStudio software and a three-year, trouble-free warranty.

The Best for Small Businesses

The Summa S3 D120 is the perfect mid-size model for small businesses looking to upgrade but might not have large-scale projects just yet. This vinyl roll cutter can handle small and medium-sized projects, such as non-prismatic traffic signs or internal signage.

Despite being medium-sized and not being suitable for large-scale projects, this cutter can keep up with high-volume cutting environments. It comes with a Smart Object Sorting feature that selects the optimal starting point for cutting objects and a Smart Paneling function to improve cutting accuracy. If you have projects that demand you cut multiple rolls of vinyl with a vinyl cutter, the Summa S3 D120 can keep up.

The Best Overall

If your projects need a little bit more than a small or desktop vinyl roll cutter, but aren’t ready to invest in professional equipment yet, then the Summa S3 D75 30-inch vinyl cutter could be a good fit for you. This is the smallest roll cutter in the Summa S3 series, designed to be intuitive to beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

This cutter can keep up with high-volume environments and comes with the powerful Summa GoSign software that allows you to manage your preferred workflow easily and with flexibility. This model, along with others in the S3 series, can cut at speeds up to fifty-six inches per second diagonal, making it extremely efficient at a price that gives you the best value.