What Printing Can Do That Digital Displays Can't

According to a report by Markets and Markets, the digital signage industry is expected to see a compound annual growth rate of 6.7 percent between 2016 and 2022. In terms of dollars, the industry is expected to be worth $27.34 billion by 2022. Digital signage includes any displays presented on screens, such LED-lit billboards. With so much growth in the digital signage sphere, you may wonder how printing fares. While LED screens certainly have their place, there are some things only print can do.

Eye-catching vinyl

stack of open magazines
Print media can do some pretty cool things.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, advertising that targets drivers and passengers reaches 95 percent of U.S. residents. This includes vinyl wraps and ads for vehicles. Vinyl wraps can cover an entire automobile or a select portion and contain whatever look or information you want. For instance, a van you use for your small business might contain the name of your company and how to reach you. Or, to go all-out, you can print your logo.

No matter how big or small your wrap, new eyes will see the information as you drive. It's like running an ad every time you're on the road, allowing you to both do your job and market simultaneously.

According to QuickBooks, the return on investment you get as a result of vinyl wraps depends on how you use them. Factors like what time of day you drive, the area you cover on the road, the type of business you have and the vinyl design can all factor into the revenue you'll eventually earn.

"The ROI you get as a result of vinyl wraps depends on how you use them."

Creative packaging

How a product is packaged says a lot about a brand and is part of the entire consumer experience. As such, packaging should be well-designed, cost-effective and unique. High-quality printing allows you to complete your packages to fit your company's and product's image. What's more, Markets and Markets estimated that by 2026, the printing packaging industry will be worth $574.47 billion. The pharmaceutical and food industries, in particular, rely on packaging and consumers shopping for such items look for convenience. 


Print advertising, whether it lives as a banner in your business's window or on a billboard display, doesn't rely on power to share its message. Digital signs are susceptible to power outages, which is never a problem for print. Additionally, the unplugging trend has continued, with people stepping away from the digital space to experience the world without technology. As evidence of this trend, people across the U.S. joined in on the National Day of Unplugging on March 3-4. Participants turned off their phones and computers and engaged in tech-free activities instead. Whether people unplug or not, print advertising is still accessible.

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