Vinyl Car Wrapping Application

Vinyl wrapping is a great way to change a vehicle’s look while simultaneously giving it a new layer of protection. The average lifespan for vinyl wrap is three to five years, but Avery Dennison vinyl can last up to twelve years with proper care and maintenance, making it a worthwhile investment. AirMark offers a variety of Avery Dennison vinyl wraps to fit any of your car wrapping needs.

What Is Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl wrap is a heat-sensitive material commonly used to completely or partially cover a vehicle. It works by covering panels of a car with vinyl and applying heat to stretch the vinyl around the curves of the car.

Vinyl wrap comes in all colors, as well as different finishes, including:

  • Gloss: For a shiny finish
  • Satin: For a subtle sheen
  • Matte: For a flat, non-reflective finish
  • Chrome: For a polished mirror-like shine
  • Fluorescent: For a bright neon finish

What Is Vinyl Wrap Used For?

Vinyl wrap is often used for car wrapping, particularly for vehicle advertising. But you can use it for other printing projects and applications, as well, such as:

  • Window graphics and murals
  • Promotional signage
  • Point-of-sale displays
  • Trade show banners and signages
  • Outdoor advertising (billboards and signs)
  • Interior vinyl (floors, walls, and ceilings)
  • Safety signage
  • Product labeling
  • Graphics for boats, motorbikes, and other vehicles

How Long Does Vinyl Wrap Last?

Vinyl wrap typically lasts three to five years, but this can be less if your car is constantly exposed to sun and heat. If you park in the shade, this can increase durability by one to two more years. If your vehicle isn’t used regularly and you keep it in a garage, your vinyl wrap can last up to seven years.

Choosing the right brand of vinyl wrap can also affect its lifespan. For example, Avery Dennison vinyl wrap is built for longevity, lasting up to twelve years. 

Factors That Affect the Longevity of Vinyl Wrap

The longevity of vinyl wrap depends on several different factors, including the brand of vinyl wrap, the workmanship done to install it, and how you maintain the vehicle wrap, among others. Let’s break down each of these factors: 

Brand of Vinyl Wrap 

You can buy vinyl wrap from multiple brands, but if you’re looking for quality and durability, you can’t go wrong with Avery Dennison. They offer superior quality and cutting-edge design, making them some of the best in the industry. 


The design of the vinyl wrap will also affect its longevity. When the printing job on the vinyl is done poorly, the ink may fade or crumble. 


A low-quality or unprofessional installation will result in creases, bubbles, and dirt under the wrap, which can cause it to peel or crinkle and lower its lifespan. 


Proper maintenance is crucial to ensuring your vinyl wrap lasts a long time. Wash it regularly using the right soap, rinse off any debris or salt, park your car in shaded areas, and drive your vehicle on proper roads. 


The weather can also greatly affect the lifespan of a vehicle wrap. Too much direct sunlight will fade the vinyl wrap, while salt from the road in colder climates can corrode it. 

How to Maintain Vinyl Wrap

Properly caring for your vinyl wrap will ensure that it lasts its maximum life expectancy. This starts by using quality materials, such as Avery Dennison vinyl wrap, then hiring professionals to install it to avoid mistakes that could cause it to deteriorate early.

Once your vinyl wrap is intact, be sure to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and be cautious about scuffing or cutting the material. Keep your car in pristine condition by hand-washing or soft-washing your vehicle, steering clear from rough cleaning methods. If you can, increase your vinyl wrap’s durability by applying a protective coating that will turn your car wrap hydrophobic and slick so that nothing sticks to it. 

Avery Dennison: The Longest Lasting Vinyl Wrap

Avery Dennison prides itself on its selection of long-lasting vinyl wraps that can last up to twelve years (with proper installation and maintenance). You can get industry premium cast printable vinyl, which retains color with high flexibility and durability and is suitable for both rounded and textured surfaces, or calendared vinyl, which is a more economical solution, especially for temporary use. 

Find Avery Dennison Vinyl Wrap From Airmark

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