Vinyl is an incredibly versatile type of material. Whether you are wrapping your car in 3M white reflective vinyl, printing business signs on 3M cast vinyl, or using 3M vinyl to wrap a boat—the options are endless. There are so many projects you can use vinyl for, and for good reason! Vinyl is an incredibly popular material. 

But one specific type of vinyl that outperforms others–time and time again–is permanent adhesive vinyl. 

What is Permanent Adhesive Vinyl?

Permanent adhesive vinyl is a type of vinyl that is widely known for its longevity, durability, and strong adhesive backing. Most people lean towards using permanent adhesive vinyl because of its ability to stick to surfaces for extended periods of time. It is also incredibly resistant to water, UV rays, and any other environmental stressors known to tarnish and wear vinyl down. This makes it a great choice for sticking signs against your storefront or placing signs outside your shop. 

Aside from being strong and high-performing, permanent adhesive vinyl is also stylistically versatile. Whether you want a bold glossy color or are looking for a muted matte finish, there’s something for everyone and every aesthetic.

What Can You Use Permanent Adhesive Vinyl For? 

Permanent adhesive vinyl is versatile, resistant, strong, durable, and high-performing. But what can you use it for? The better question would be: what can you not? 

Use It to Create Durable Signs 

If you have worked with AirMark on projects before, then you know that we strive to provide an extensive array of high-quality and high-performing tools and equipment to make your next project as stress-free and as hands-free as possible. 

Have you ever been tasked with creating new signs for your business or services? If so, chances are that those signs started to wear and tear after a while. And that’s okay. That’s what happens with most signs in due time.

That is where permanent adhesive vinyl comes to the rescue. It is not only strong and able to be cut and molded into any design or shape, but it is also highly resistant to normal wear and tear. Permanent adhesive vinyl also performs great against unpredictable environmental stressors. Your outdoor signage and promotional materials will last longer with vinyl.

Use it to Brand Your Business

Looking to brand yourself on your storefront’s windows? Consider creating marketing assets made out of permanent adhesive vinyl. High-quality and high-performing, there’s no way you could go wrong.

Use it to Give the Perfect Gift

This might be unbeknownst to you, but many people love using permanent adhesive vinyl on homemade, personalized gifts. Chances are you own one or two mugs that have seen better days. You use them as you do any other mug and then place them in the dishwasher–but after each cycle, you notice that your mugs continue to peel off and fade. 

This is where permanent adhesive vinyl comes in. Looking to make a perfect homemade gift for someone special in your life? Consider using permanent adhesive vinyl, a type of vinyl that is not only dishwasher safe but sure to withstand most peeling and fading over time. 

Find Your Perfect Vinyl With AirMark

There you have it folks, just a few ways in which permanent adhesive vinyl comes in handy. But don’t take our word for it–see for yourself. Give AirMark a call and let us help bring your vision to life!