If your sign or product needs to be visible in the dark but not emit light, reflective vinyl is the way to go. Reflective adhesive vinyl is a material that reflects light in dark spaces when illuminated by other light sources, such as headlights.

At AirMark, we provide 3M premium vinyl and 3M high-performance vinyl so your signs can be both durable and visible. The reflective material is visible in daylight and at night, but its reflection capabilities are not apparent until viewed in the dark with another light source shining off it.

How Is Reflective Vinyl Made?

In most cases, there are two types of reflective vinyl:

  • Prismatic: This material is layered with tiny prisms that allow light to reflect.
  • Retroreflective: This material contains layers of small glass beads that reflect light.

It’s important to note that when vinyl reflects light, the prisms and glass beads send the light back in multiple directions. This allows anyone standing behind the source of light to protect their eyes because the light isn’t shining directly back at them.

Reflective materials are manufactured to suit different requirements. Some are best for flat surfaces such as signs for traffic or on doors and windows, while others are ideal for three-dimensional applications such as vehicles.


Features of 3M White Reflective Vinyl

If you need good visibility, this material is what you want. Our premium-grade reflective white vinyl meets federal, state, and local government standards for reflective materials. It’s a retroreflective material that allows everyone to see the shine from all angles, amplifying a sign’s visibility when you need it most.

Uses for 3M White Reflective Vinyl

These reflective materials are ideal for signage and emergency vehicles. If you need vinyl that will last long and outshine the rest, we recommend using permanent adhesive vinyl. Permanent adhesive vinyl is used for objects that require visibility at night in outdoor settings (think road signs, construction equipment, and work trucks). 

 We recommend this material for:

  • Marking commercial vehicles
  • Railway and bus graphics
  • Striping
  • Sign graphics
  • Waypoint signage

When you are creating graphics and signage for these circumstances, you want it to last. If your vinyl peels off during a dark and rainy night, it can create safety issues. Consider what would happen if your reflective vinyl is displayed on a sign to designate a road hazard ahead. If the vinyl peels away, drivers will not be able to see it and will not be prepared for the dangers or obstacles ahead. With a quality adhesive backing, your reflective vinyl sign will be built to withstand these conditions.

Let AirMark Supply Your Signage Needs

At AirMark, we’ve been providing businesses with premium signage supplies for over thirty years. We offer premium 3M vinyl for all of your sign-making needs, as well as the professional equipment to cut, print, stencil, and label it. Our tools and materials will take your vision and turn it into a profitable reality!