3M high-performance vinyl, also known as 3M premium cast vinyl, is an adhesive cast vinyl. If your business caters to clients who need signage or visibility in a variety of climates or situations, high-performance vinyl offers the strength and versatility you need.

Like 3M white reflective vinyl, this vinyl type is ideal for outdoor environments. The way high-performance vinyl is manufactured makes it an extremely durable and vibrant material, with colors that don’t easily fade with sun exposure or wet weather conditions. In this post, we will explore the manufacturing process for high-performance vinyl, its capabilities, and how your clients can make the most of this material.

How It’s Made

Whether you call it premium cast vinyl or high-performance vinyl, the manufacturing process remains the same. Cast vinyl is made from liquid vinyl that is poured into a casting sheet, where it is then heat-cured. Visualize pouring cake batter into a pan and placing it into the oven, and you aren’t too far off! The liquid aspect of the vinyl evaporates and what’s left is solid vinyl. 

This manufacturing process assures a minimal amount of shrinkage in the material because the film does not undergo any stress during the process, so it does not try to be elastic and shrink back to its original form. 

What 3M High-Performance Vinyl Can Do

There are multiple uses for high-performance vinyl. We love how diverse this material can be. Because it is thinner, it can conform to uneven and rough surfaces. It can easily cover rivets, complex curves, and corrugations—and lasts longer than intermediate (calendered) vinyl.

This vinyl is extremely durable, maintaining its color and other properties longer than calendered vinyl films. For example, at AirMark, we offer Avery Dennison MPI 1105 SuperCast Wrapping Film, which can last up to seven years. Because of its extremely durable qualities, premium cast vinyl is ideal for vehicle graphics, lettering, and long-term signage.

Best Ways to Utilize 3M High-Performance Vinyl

If your clients have projects that require durable, vibrant vinyl, 3M high-performance vinyl is the answer. We carry several options, including Avery Dennison’s SuperCast premium vinyl which is a removable, highly conformable film designed to be a solution for wrapping and irregular surface applications.

3M high-performance vinyl is manufactured to last and is ideal for projects that require lettering, marking, and decoration. While it is perfect for signs that need to face the elements, it is also ideal for vehicle and fleet graphics. This material can remain intact in harsh environments, so if your client is looking for materials that will not lose quality quickly, this is the best choice.

Get Started at AirMark

AirMark is the perfect one-stop shop for your sign or decal business. We offer an expansive list of high-quality vinyl products as well as compatible machinery for our supplies. From cutters to application fluids, you won’t be stuck with a material you’re unfamiliar with. Our experts can provide you with the application tips and software tricks you need to work with this high-quality material.

Most of our high-performance vinyl materials are compatible with Summa OPOS-CAM Series, Summa S Class 2 T-Series, Summa S Class 2 D-Series, and other various Summa cutting equipment. Let your signs shine with AirMark.

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