Marketing professionals and dealers of printed goods frequently need products that require equipment with exceptional contour-cutting capabilities. Technology has made it possible for large-scale printing businesses to meet these demands, even when there are short turnaround times.

There are different ways contours can be made, with the vinyl cutter being one of the popular automated methods.

How Contour Cutting Works

Contour cutting on a vinyl cutter (a type of plotting machine) is used to cut around the outline of a printed design or graphic. The vinyl cutter is preset, allowing it to follow a digitally predetermined path when making cuts around the edges of prints.

This type of contour cutting uses a special software program that allows you to create a contour or outline of the design you wish to cut. The process of contour cutting comes after the designs are printed.

When the designs are printed on the vinyl, they are loaded onto the cutter for cutting. The vinyl cutter is programmed to follow the contour of the design and cut around the edges, leaving the desired graphic or design. If you are looking for equipment designed specifically for precision and high-volume cutting environments, Summa cutters are the way to go.

This process is widely used in the printing and signage industries where a high level of precision and accuracy is required. Its use in these industries is growing because it allows designers to contour-cut complex shapes and designs easily and accurately.

Types of Contour Cutting

There are two primary methods for contour cutting, which is determined by the kind of material, or medium, you want to cut.

  • Through Cut: This method of contour cutting involves cutting through the vinyl and medium, leaving behind the exact custom-cut shape you programmed. It is the most used type of contour cutting and is ideal for creating large cut-outs of images and shapes. Movie theater promotional standees are a great example of designs made with this contour-cutting method.
  • Kiss Cut: This method is used when more precision is required because it controls the depth of the contour cuts. With the kiss cut method, only the vinyl is cut, leaving behind the medium. Sticker sheets with a cut top sheet with a sticky backing and an uncut liner underneath are created this way.

The use of a vinyl cutter is not the only way of creating contours on vinyl and other materials. You can also use a craft knife and a steady hand to cut contours manually. While this may be the simplest and most inexpensive of the contour-cutting methods, manual cutting often leads to inconsistent results and can be time-wasting. This is one of the main reasons printers now turn to automation to make money with vinyl cutting.

Advantages of Contour Cutting

Contour cutting is an important process for several reasons:

  1. The cutting of intricate forms and designs can be done precisely and accurately when contour cutting with a vinyl cutter. It guarantees that the final product meets the required criteria and has a professional appearance.
  2. It is a quick, effective technique that can be automated to cut down the time and effort needed to create final goods. This makes contour cutting on a vinyl cutter more efficient than other cutting methods. Printers use a vinyl cutter to be more efficient, especially on large-scale printing projects where there is an emphasis on precision and accuracy.
  3. Vinyl and other thin materials can all be cut into contours using this technology. It is very versatile and can create many different items, such as stickers, labels, and decals.
  4. Contour cutting can be a cost-effective solution for companies and individuals in the printing and signage industries because it automates the cutting process and lowers material waste and labor costs.

It is also worth noting that the better the equipment, the better the contour results you will have. When choosing a vinyl cutter, you must consider the size of the material you will work on, the purpose of cutting, and the cost of purchase and maintenance.

In a Nutshell

When done well, contour cutting on a vinyl cutter ensures high-quality, accurate, and efficient products. The process has become an essential tool for businesses and individuals who require precise and professional-looking graphics and designs.

Summa equipment is your best bet for getting quality vinyl cutters for different materials within your budget.