Avery Dennison is a brand of vinyl that is versatile, functional, and durable, making it the perfect vinyl for car decals and car wraps, as well as for other products that are regularly exposed to the outdoor elements. This brand delivers on both aesthetics and functionality with its wide array of colors and styles–it offers both cut film vinyl and rolls, color references for other brands, contouring, and precise conversion.

Some of our favorite features of Avery Dennison vinyl include its UV resistance, humidity protection (no more bubbles and lifts in your vinyl), and its resilience against a wide range of temperatures. Whether your goal is to apply vinyl to protect your vehicle or design solutions to your outdoor signage, you can rely on Avery Dennison vinyls.

Perfect for Outdoors

Looking for a vinyl that can support your next outdoor advertising endeavor? The Avery Dennison DOL 2060 series is a gloss-calendar overlaminate that will give your signs, vehicle graphics, and window graphics the durability and outdoor performance it needs to shine. Its acrylic-based adhesive is pressure sensitive, allowing it to be durable for up to three years of performance. It has excellent UV protection, resilience against a wide range of temperatures and humidity resistance.

Durable Wrapping

Looking for a long-lasting vinyl wrap for your vehicle? The Avery Dennison MPI 1105 SuperCast vinyl is a removable, highly conformable film designed specifically for wrapping and other irregular surface applications. This vinyl has impeccable outdoor performance with an expected durability of up to seven years with dimensional stability.

The MPI 1105 SuperCast vinyl optimal for:

  • Fleet graphics
  • Floor graphics
  • Opaque signage
  • Smooth wall graphics
  • Vehicle and watercraft graphics 

Avery Dennison Versus 3M Vinyl

But how does Avery Dennison stack up against its biggest competitor, 3M? If you’re looking to find the best vinyl for vehicle wrapping, these two come close in comparison. 

Both Avery Dennison and 3M use calendared and cast vinyls in their product ranges, giving you the same range of options. We wouldn’t say one surpasses the other in terms of quality on this front–it really depends on which individual product you use. Both brands are more durable and have more longevity than other vinyls on the market. You can expect these cast vinyls to last between five and seven years, whereas calendared vinyls will likely last in the three to five years range.

When it comes to adhesion, 3M and Avery Dennison use different adhesives in their products. 3M uses a pressure-sensitive adhesive called Controltac. Pressure-sensitive adhesives require a level of force to create a strong bond between the vinyl and the substrate. The weaker the force, the weaker the strength of the adhesive, which can be beneficial if you need to remove and reapply during the installation process and limit the amount of residue left behind when the vinyl is removed.

Avery Dennison, on the other hand, designed its own version of Controltac called ‘Easy Apply.’ This technology uses pressure-sensitive technology, similar to Controltac, and makes it just as easy to reposition, will limit the risk of air bubbles getting trapped under the vinyl, and prevents wrinkling.

In terms of their warranties offered, both brands have product-related warranties, so they can vary. Both brands do not have warranties that cover accidental damage caused by normal wear-and-tear or external factors. Warranties also depend on your geographic location (down to the zone, state, and even county), the color of the vinyl, and the angle of the wrap. Warranties can last anywhere between a few months to over a decade!

In Summary

Avery Dennison is a strong competitor of 3M, offering a comparable range and variety of vinyls. Avery Dennison makes vinyls that are perfect for outdoor usage and wraps, including wall or vehicle wraps, windows, and wall decals. Its products have the same perks and benefits as 3M, but unlike 3M, it offers warranties in areas that 3M warranties do not cover.