A laser cutter is used in various industries, including the textile and sportswear industries, to cut synthetics, leather, and other types of fabric. It is far more reliable than a conventional knife or scissors because it produces more accurate, non-frayed edges.

Since their introduction to the market, laser cutters have proved to be extremely useful in cutting, especially in the garment and large-format printing industries. They cut through thicker materials with a cleaner edge and with better precision than other tools that often leave frayed edges. Many fashion and printing companies are using these cutting machines because they offer many advantages over traditional methods.


Things You Can Make with a Laser Cutter

Laser cutters can be used in multiple applications that require precision cutting, whereas the conventional knife can only cut certain materials. Here are a few examples of how laser cutters can be incorporated into printing and cutting processes are:

Custom Clothes

Laser-cutting machines come in handy when you want to mass-produce customized garments. These clothes are typically produced according to specific dimensions and customer preferences.

Therefore, you must get the measurements correct before you begin cutting. Laser-cutting technologies make it easy for you to precisely cut the garments without veering off the set contours.

These machines have cameras that help them accurately trace even the most complex designs and patterns onto the customized materials, reducing errors and wastage. This also means that you can produce more customized garments within a shorter period of time.


You can create complex engravings on fabric when using a laser cutter. The laser cutter uses computerized systems to drive the beam around the fabric following the set outlines from beginning to end.

Laser cutters enable you to create large volumes of clean engravings with a high level of accuracy, which is impossible to achieve with traditional methods of engraving. Moreover, this type of engraving reduces the risk of wear and tear because there’s no physical contact with the material being engraved. Engravings created by a laser machine are crisp, well-defined, and permanent.

What‚Äôs more‚Äďyou don‚Äôt have to use different machines for cutting and engraving because one laser machine can both cut the fabric and create engravings. You just need to feed the machine‚Äôs software with the right information and instructions.

This technology can be used in the production of engraved printing screens, pattern buttons, sportswear, and much more. You can even engrave your leather shoes, bags, wallets, belts, and seats. Some fashion designers also use laser cutters to create embellished patterns in their fabrics by fading the designs.

Promotional Coasters

Coasters are great promotional items because of their utilitarian value and versatile application. They are used in homes, offices, restaurants, and other establishments. 

Use a laser cutter to create unique designs and illustrations on your coasters. The machine can mass-produce professionally styled coasters for your customers, thus increasing your company’s productivity and revenue.

Pieces of Art

Laser cutters make it easy for you to create unique pieces of art in large volumes. For instance, you can use this machine to make paper art, hanging montage screens, leather sculptures, and stacked leather artifacts.

Faded Jeans

Faded jeans have once again taken over the fashion industry, with fashion designers around the world producing them by the millions every month. Many fashion companies are now relying on laser-cutting technology to mass-produce articles of clothing made with denim because it helps them complete more orders than traditional denim-fading technologies.

The laser can be programmed to decompose the dye on specific parts of the fabric to create a faded appearance. You just have to install the correct software on your laser machine to give it fading capabilities.  

This type of laser can be solid-based or gas-based, depending on the degree of fading you require. You can fade your denim before or after cutting and sewing the fabric. The laser cutter is designed to scan materials and extract designs and patterns so that the beam cuts the identified designs.


Final Thoughts

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