Summa laser cutters are advanced laser-cutting machines designed to cut printed materials such as fabric. They offer cutting-edge features including welded steel bases, three-phase inputs, extraction speed control, cageless bearings, and repeatability.

A Summa laser cutter is a versatile tool used in various industries including sportswear, fashion, and technical textile-printing sectors. This equipment employs specialized technology based on extensive research and continuous improvements.

The introduction of new technologies ensures the equipment is safer, more precise, user-friendly, and more productive. When exploring your options, it’s important to compare the features of Summa laser cutters with those offered by competitors.


What Gives Summa Laser Cutters an Edge Over Their Competition?

The popularity of Summa laser cutters is based on five key pillars: power, safety, precision, stability, and productivity. They use the Summa OptiPower functionality to keep their lasers focused, which is why you’re guaranteed consistent cutting results. 

With the power of each laser concentrated on a small focal point, it is easy for the machine to cut complex designs with maximum precision. This leaves the edges smooth and soft.

Summa laser cutting machines have closed covers and extract fumes effectively, which is why they’re classified as Class One in terms of safety. Their chassis is made of welded steel for additional stability and enhanced cutting precision. Moreover, these cutters are designed to perform optimally and boost performance. 


Special Features Built Into Summa Laser Cutters

Summa laser cutters come with advanced features that set them apart from their competition, including:

Laser Cameras

Cutting-edge camera technology allows you to choose cutting methods that specifically suit your needs. Some of the Summa machines also have two types of cameras: the head camera and the vision camera. The head camera is the standard camera, but it can easily be upgraded to a vision camera.

The vision camera features resourceful technology designed to improve your machine’s productivity. It scans printed material accurately using its pinpoint recognition ability to ensure your cutting results are error-free. The vision camera system makes it possible for you to feed the machine printed materials, which it then scans. Every segment of the design is then cut simultaneously.

You can also cut to frame thanks to this camera system. This functionality is useful on projects with fixed sizes because it enables the machine to cut accurately without veering off the segment frames.

In addition, the vision camera system allows you to trace the curves of each design without preceding cutting data. This minimizes costly errors that can occur when cutting new and complex designs. Lastly, the vision camera system has a barcode that enables you to automate workflows so that you can focus on other tasks.

A head camera, on the other hand, processes cut-to-size and contour tasks using registration marks. This camera system enhances cutting precision and nesting abilities, giving you clean cuts and reducing the wastage of printed materials. It also allows you to cut-to-frame when dealing with fixed-size jobs, and automate workflows for better time management and increased productivity.

Welded Steel Base

The stability of your laser cutter determines the quality and accuracy of your cuts. This is why Summa invested heavily in ensuring that their cutters are sturdy and stable. Some of their second-generation machines come with a welded steel chassis, providing a completely stable base for the cutter.

The enhanced stability contributes greatly to the machine’s unmatched level of precision.


This feature refers to the accuracy of recurring moves by the laser to the same point. These moves happen within a very short period and sometimes occur in a matter of milliseconds.

That said, they can take up to five minutes, depending on repetition deviations. The digital encoders in Summa laser cutters give them superior repeatability of about 0.05% or 0.05 millimeters (whichever is greater).


In Summary

Summa laser cutters offer many advantages over traditional methods of cutting printed materials because of the advanced features and capabilities that are built into the machines. Count on them to boost your productivity and the quality of work your business offers!