Utilizing Summa Flatbed Cutters for Custom Packaging Applications

Summa has created two specialized F Series bundles to help businesses expand into prototyping, packaging, POP and the creation of custom boxes and crates. The F Series packaging bundles are perfect for businesses looking to respond to requests for small to medium sized production run opportunities in packaging.

Both bundles include a Summa F 1612 Flatbed Cutter, along with a set of six tools that are specialized for exceptional cut and crease accuracy on corrugated or carton material.

Corrugated Bundle:

  • Summa F 1612 Flatbed Cutter
  • Two Tangential Modules
  • 1 EOT Tool
  • 1 Creasing Tool D50
  • 1 Creasing Tool D25 R1.5
  • 1 Creasing Tool D25 R0.75

Folding Carton Bundle:

  • Summa F 1612 Flatbed Cutter
  • 2 Tangential Modules
  • 1 Kiss-Cut Tool
  • 1 Heavy-Duty Cutout Tool
  • 1 Creasing Tool D15 2pt
  • 1 Creasing Tool D15 1pt

Pizza Box Prototype
Pizza Box Packaging Prototype

The incredibly popular F1612 is the best-selling flatbed cutter in its class. The foundation of this packaging bundle, the F1612 includes a modular tooling system that allows for the connection of up to three tools at a time. Cut and crease operations can be efficiently programmed into a single job. Automatic tool recognition, combined with digital and mechanical depth & pressure control ensures precision cutting and creasing on a vast array of materials.

Flatbed cutters not only offer the functionality to seamlessly integrate into high volume media and vinyl cutting environments, but they excel at cutting thicker substrates utilized in sign making. With the addition of the specialized tools for cutting and creasing cardboard and cardstock, you now have a complete solution for cutting, creasing, and routing nearly anything your customers conceive.

Flatbed Cutting and Creasing Templates for Packaging & POS Designs Included

The PLM Packlib for Summa is a library of resizable standard packaging models and templates to help make your entry into the packaging industry seamless and efficient. The most popular packaging standards FEFCO (corrugated cardboard) and ECMA (folding carton) are included. A few POS display designs and solid cardboard (furniture) design models are available as well. The Packlib for Summa offers the ability to generate an OXF file, immediately readable and ready to be used by Summa’s GoProduce software.

Create Custom Packaging with a Flatbed Cutter

AirMark is a leading distributor for Summa Flatbed cutters. If you’re researching flatbed cutters, talk to AirMark first. We have over a decade of experience in the sale, installation, and service of flatbed cutters in the sign, graphics, and specialty cutting markets. Increasingly more common are deliveries to customers who utilize flatbed cutting for the creation of packaging, point of sale displays and retail merchandising solutions.

What are customers saying about using a flatbed cutter for packaging projects?

"...we can make custom boxes, crease thicker paper and paperboard and route harder materials ‚Äď it allows us to respond really quickly to urgent requests our event planning clients might have."

‚ÄúThe flatbed is so versatile that we can tackle anything customers bring us. And, we bought a couple of additional tools ‚Äď allowing us to route, crease and cut thicker material, so we can make custom boxes, crease thicker paper and paperboard and route harder materials ‚Äď it allows us to respond really quickly to urgent requests our event planning clients might have.‚ÄĚ

- Carlos Taveras, TwinsPrint Brooklyn

‚ÄúFor a while now we see a significant increase in the demand for customized packaging. The F1612 flatbed cutter makes light work of processing all kinds of packaging material thanks to its multifunctional head, able to hold up to three modules. This way, different techniques ‚Äď such as cutting and creasing ‚Äď can be performed on the material in one simple job. The Summa F1612 simply is the ideal workhorse to meet the production criteria of our company, day in day out.‚ÄĚ

- Pedro Iglesias, Comeco Gr√°fica

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