Epson large-format printers, such as the Epson SureColor S-Series and R-Series machines, are designed to handle large media applications, producing large-format images without compromising quality. But to deliver vibrant images, they must be equipped with suitable Epson large-format printer ink. 

Airmark offers a variety of Epson inks for different large-format and digital printing machines, including the best Epson UltraChrome GS3 and RS inks. We also carry cleaning cartridges that you can buy to ensure that your device’s always in tip-top shape!

Types of Large-Format Printing Ink

There are different types of large-format printing ink, and each one will affect the output of your projects as most machines are designed to work with a certain one (it’s best to consult your instruction manual). Inkjet ink is one of the most common types. It consists of colored pigments that form the image by being jetted out from a carrier liquid.

Most large-format printers used to run on solvent inks because it was cheap and would adhere to most surfaces. However, exposure to its evaporated form proved to be a health risk, so manufacturers changed the formulation to be more eco-friendly, which lowered the quality of its prints.

UV-curable ink is another popular ink type for large-format printing since its tech allows it to adhere better to rigid materials, making it suitable for outdoor use. A good alternative to this is resin ink, which works by encapsulating ink in some form of plastic or resin, like latex, giving it extra protection.

Another common large-format printing ink is dye sublimation ink, which is best used for fabrics and garments, though it typically works by first printing images to transfer paper before adhering them to the flexible material.

What to Look For in Epson Ink for Large-Format Printing

When buying Epson ink for your Epson large-format printer, you must choose ribbons and cartridges that work with your device, provide you with the best quality outputs, and can function without any issues. Here are some things to consider when choosing Epson ink:


Make sure that the ink you’re using is compatible with your machine. Other brands of ink may not work, and even if they’re advertised as compatible, they likely won’t function properly or consistently. It’s best to use Epson brand ink for your Epson large-format printer, making sure that what you choose is suitable for your printer.


When printing large-format images, you want to make sure that you use ribbons and cartridges that have enough yield to finish each project. You don’t want to stop mid-way to change the ink each time or else you might end up with inconsistent prints. Ink yields vary based on print settings, material type, and frequency of use. Choose the right combo that fits your printing job.

Some cartridges also come with initial ink, which is helpful for printer setup and priming the machine. Most also come with a good amount of extra yield that could last you a bit more even after the signal to replace it comes up.


Epson machines often provide firmware updates to address issues with the printer’s performance. If you use a third-party ink, these updates may affect how well your tech functions.

What Epson Ink to Use for a Large-Format Printer

Airmark offers two types of Epson ink for large-format printers. Let’s take a quick look at each of them to help you pick the right one for your machine:

Epson UltraChrome GS3 Inks

The Epson UltraChrome GS3 inks are new and improved versions of the previous GS and GS2 versions, made for use in the Epson SureColor S-Series printers. This new formulation features enhanced gamut, pigment density, and gloss levels, and is designed to improve image quality, facilitate faster drying, and reduce production costs. 

Epson UltraChrome RS Inks

Made for Epson SureColor R-series printers, the Epson UltraChrome RSK ink produces amazing image quality and reliable color consistency in scratch-resistant outputs. It also features immediate lamination. It includes both an optimizer and maintenance liquid and comes in high volumes at cost-effective prices. 

Look to Airmark for Your Large-Format Printing Needs

You can count on Airmark for all your large-format printing needs, from the printer down to the ink. We stock high-quality Epson inks and ribbons to ensure that your printing project is always top quality, particularly if you’re also operating Epson printers. We also carry Roland ink, as well as printer ink for Summa equipment.

If you’re unsure of what ink will work best with your tech, the knowledgeable team at Airmark can suggest the right one for you. Check out our website for your options or get in touch with Airmark today!