Large-format printing lets us print media on a larger scale without compromising on quality. To print large-format images, you’ll need a printer that can handle the job and large-format printer ink to go with it. At Airmark, you can get both. 

As a trusted sign-making resource provider, we offer both Epson and Roland printers–these machines are designed to print large media applications with great quality and color accuracy. You can also purchase ink for a large-format printer through our website!

What Is Large-Format Printing?

Large-format printing, also known as ‘wide-format printing’ (though, technically, this term refers to printing media in specified sizes), is the process of printing in larger applications–think billboards, banners, and vehicle decals. These jobs are handled by large-format printers, which work the same way as regular printers in the sense that you only need to feed it the file to print with the specifications, and it prints it automatically. 

That said, most large-format printers come with an extra feature that allows them to rapid-dry their outputs, usually using UV lights. These machines are also designed to work with a wider range of materials beyond just paper; these include glass, wood, foam board, vinyl, plastic, canvas, and fabric. 

What Can Large-Format Printers Do?

Large-format printers can print a variety of media on different materials. Here’s a quick list of applications that it can deliver efficiently:

  • Signs
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Wall graphics
  • Cardboard cut-outs
  • Window stickers
  • Signage
  • Backdrops
  • Floor decals
  • Store displays
  • Trade show booth materials
  • Architectural and engineering materials, including construction documents
  • Maps
  • Vehicle wraps, including for watercraft and recreational vehicles

What to Look For in Large-Format Printers

When delivering large-format print images, it’s all in the printer. So, it’s important to choose the right machine for the job. Here are some things to consider to help you pick the best one:

Printing Quality

You’ll want a printer that can guarantee high-quality prints. While the specs definitely make a difference, printing quality is also largely determined by the types of ink the machine uses. Find one that offers a wide color gamut with a high-density formulation for prints with sharper details, more vivid colors, and excellent resolution. 


If you’re printing large-format images, you’ll want a machine that can deliver with speed to finish projects in a timely manner. Printers like Epson S-Series offer high-speed printing of up to 1,020 square feet per hour, making them a great choice. 


Large-format printers can generally work with a diverse range of materials, but it’s best to double-check their capabilities and limitations to ensure they can handle your project. You may also want a model that has extra features, like same-day lamination and precision media feeding. 


Large-format printing projects can get intense, so get a project that can last the wear and tear that comes with the job. 

Ease of Use

You don’t have to be an operator to use a large-format printer, especially if your machine comes with functions that are easy to operate and troubleshoot. Having this is a must, especially for smaller businesses. 

Printers That Can Print Large-Format Images

There are several large-format printers to choose from the options from Epson and Roland, some of which are conveniently available in Airmark, and are some of the best in the industry. Here are some to choose from: 

Epson SureColor S-Series and R-Series Printers

Epson SureColor S-Series and R-Series printers are large-format printers designed for indoor and outdoor signage, vehicle wraps, and interior decoration, among other professional-level printing applications. They can be used with various materials, and come with extra capabilities (particularly the S-Series printer) that make jobs easier. 

Roland TrueVIS VF2-640 64-Inch Wide Color Gamut Printer and AP-640 64-Inch UV-Led Resin Printer

The Roland TrueVIS VF2-640 64-Inch Wide Color Gamut Printer widens the color gamut of large-format printing jobs, producing rich and vivid outputs. Meanwhile, the Roland AP-640 64-Inch UV-Led Resin Printer can handle multiple applications with low running costs. 

Buy Large-Format Printers and Ink From Airmark

Airmark doesn’t just carry large-format printers and tech. We also supply one key ingredient in producing top-notch large-format prints–ink. Check out our catalog for all your large-format printing needs, and choose from an impressive selection of high-quality ink ribbons and cartridges for your Epson or Roland large-format printers!