Top 5 Types of Signage Every Retailer Should Have

As a Seattle-based business, do you know the top five types of signage every retailer should have in their store? If you can’t think of more than a couple off the top of your head, we’ll be glad to share some of the ones we see requests for most often as a sign business. Some you may already have, while others may surprise you! Retail businesses know how important messaging can be, and the power of a good sign cannot be underestimated. It can pay off to think a little outside the box when it comes to this topic!

Even if you already have signage throughout your store, you may want to think about increasing the amount you have or update any old or worn signage to make sure it is noticeable and looks professional. Stores also change their look and branding from time to time, and typically signage will be adjusted to reflect the new look. At AirMark, our signage specialists see the following items requested frequently for retail businesses all throughout the Seattle region.

Informational signs

Informational signs are designed to help customers find what they need, and having ADA compliant signs is an important consideration for all retail locations. Although requirements can vary from place to place, there can be a variety of different things to consider. Permanent ADA signs are typically posted in places such as building exits, elevators, and bathrooms, but they can be included throughout your store as you see fit—so long as you are in compliance with ADA regulations for signage and follow the requirements for posting.

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Outdoor Signage for a bakery shop.

Other informational signs include things such as business hours, exit signage, and open signs. All of these signs help the customer have a good experience at your store and understand where things are located. The more user-friendly you can make things, the better the customer will be able to find exactly what they need to make a purchase.

Custom signs

In retail, a custom sign is something that is designed specifically for your business. This can be anything from a sign with your company’s name on it to one that is created for a sale you are having. This type of signage can come in a variety of different forms, ranging from banners, to table tents, to flyers.

Floor mats can provide a unique way to position your messaging while fulfilling a practical solution to the wet feet that are a constant presence in the Seattle area. Whether you just want to create a warm welcome for customers or you are going to announce a discount or sale with them, these mats are a great choice in signage. There are plenty of choices in this area as well. Try out a long runner with a company tagline or experiment with a rotating set of doormats that announce your latest sale.

Outdoor signs

Retail store owners depend on outdoor signs to capture the attention of those passing by and bring them into the store to browse or buy. This type of signage can be large or small, colorful or neutral, and modern or traditional, as long as it helps you convey your brand and announce your presence. Window signs can be rotated to reflect the latest inventory, holiday sale, or new product announcement. Permanent signage includes things such as the store name and perhaps a tagline, phone number, or other information that isn’t likely to change.

"The more user-friendly you can make things, the better the customer will be able to find exactly what they need to make a purchase."

Persuasive signs

At the heart of things, persuasive signage asks the customer to do something. Whether getting a customer to sign up for a store credit card is the goal or simply offering a BOGO sale to those browsing around outside, the persuasive sign should help a store owner close the deal. Whether this is done with color, graphics, or language, this popular sign type is usually highly tailored to the store’s brand and merchandise.

Commercial signs

Although this category may have some overlap with others, commercial signage is one of the largest categories of all. This area includes some of each of the sign types mentioned above, as well as others. From store names on custom materials, to legally required signage for ADA compliance, to outdoor signs, businesses have a specific set of needs in the retail sector—yet each company is unique and wants to stand out. Whether you are advertising a deal, trying to get someone in the door, or helping a customer navigate inventory and layout, signage is part and parcel of any successful retail business.

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