Is it Time to Update Your Logo?

Many business owners think of their logos as integral parts of their brands' aesthetic. While a logo is typically one of the easiest-to-identify aspects of a company, an outdated one can actually be more detrimental to the brand than investing in an upgrade. If you're hesitant about whether you should revamp your company logo, here's what you should take into consideration:

Does it look good everywhere?

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A logo facelift can be part of a full rebrand.
Your company's logo should look good in physical mediums, like a store's sign or catalog, as well as online. It should be detailed enough to be recognizable, but simple enough that you can identify it in a small Twitter icon. You've probably noticed that the more integral a web presence becomes, the cleaner and simpler even the biggest corporate logos get. According to Time magazine, a variety of companies simplified their logos in 2016, including:
  • Uber, which made¬†its logo bolder.
  • AT&T nixed the words in its logo, opting¬†for just¬†its recognizable blue globe.
  • Netflix's new logo is 2-D rather than 3-D.
  • U.S. Soccer removed the soccer ball, stars and doubled lines from its logo¬†for a cleaner, simpler shield design that¬†features only¬†stripes and "USA."

"Modernizing will keep you from losing brand recognition."

Is it dated?

If you opted for a trendy design 10 years ago, chances are, it's looking a little outdated, and not in a cool, retro way. While some logos are actually timeless, most of them are not.

According to Studiothink, dramatic effects, multiple typefaces, overly stylized and generic fonts all give off the vibe that your brand isn't focused on staying up to date. If this is your company's case, you don't necessarily have to go overboard revamping your entire logo. You can just spruce it up with a more modern font and nix any 3-D effects that you may still be using. This way, you won't lose that recognition while still giving your brand a facelift.

Does it look like your competitor's logos?

Or rather, do your competitor's logos look better than yours? A great way to gauge trends in an industry is to check out other brands. This is also a culprit behind why so many logos end up looking similar to others. A new logo is a great way to set your brand apart. Plus, if it turns out that competitors are getting more business than you, modernizing your look can help your company regain the upper hand.

Is it cohesive with the rest of your brand?

If you've recently embraced the use of social media or redesigned your company's website, it wouldn't make sense to continue using an outdated logo. Rather than transferring your old logo to a new branding strategy, unveil all of it at once. An overall rebrand is a great way to create buzz around your business and gain newfound attention. Many business owners fear that a rebrand will cause their companies to be unrecognizable, but it's actually an effective way to reach even more customers.

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