With the rise of sustainable design, many businesses are looking for the best option to protect themselves from the sun’s rays while taking care of the environment. This is where window film comes into play. 3M offers more than just the brand’s signature 3M premium vinyl, but it also offers architectural window film.

What Is Architectural Window Film?

3M architectural window film is a specialized type of window film designed for commercial purposes. The film is resistant to fading over time, and it reduces glare, thanks to its texture. It allows natural light in and saves energy by reducing electricity use. Additionally, it helps reduce energy costs by keeping cool air inside during the summer months and warm air inside during winter. 

This treatment is applied specifically to windows and other glass surfaces, offering business owners and building managers many benefits beyond the sustainable ones listed above.

Benefits of Window Film

The primary benefits of window film applications include sustainability–resulting in rapid payback for you, increased comfort for building occupants, improved safety and security, and versatile interior design options.

How Are Window Films Sustainable?

Greener options can mean more money in your wallet while also protecting our environment. As mentioned above, 3M window film technology reduces the amount of heat coming through your windows. Say “goodbye” to the high energy costs of cooling your sleek and modern business complex, and say hello to reduced utility bills. Building managers have reported seeing the reduction in costs in as little as three years.

By lowering your energy costs and usage, you are subsequently reducing your carbon emissions. When you make the choice to supplement your windows with this film, you can potentially use this investment towards Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits and certification.

Comfortable Spaces, Happy Tenants

Window films increase your tenant’s comfort, which can result in them renewing their lease or with fewer complaints to maintenance. The same technology in this window film that reduces direct heat impact from outside also rejects hot spots and increases insulation. This also reduces blinding glare from outside or intense glare on screens during important meetings.

Are you in a climate where heat isn’t as much of an issue as the cold is? Window films increase insulation overall, reducing indoor cold spots.

Safety and Security

Whether it’s a natural disaster or a jarring forced entry, window films can be the barrier protecting your tenants and inventory. When anything impacts your windows with considerable force, chaos ensues–glass is everywhere, your items and tenants are now exposed and vulnerable, and damage can occur in your building’s interior.

3M window film can hold the broken glass together because it’s specifically engineered to protect people and property. This mitigates loss of assets, reduces damage and injuries or fatalities as a result of flying glass, makes forced entry more difficult (studies show this film can deter intruders for up to two minutes), and reduces disruptions to business overall.

Simple and Chic Decor Upgrade

Is your space on the ground floor with large windows, leaving your staff feeling exposed? Are your offices encased in glass, making private meetings feel a little less private? 3M window film is your quick and design-friendly solution.

Install these films on interior or exterior windows to create a sense or privacy or design intrigue without sacrificing natural light. You can define distinctive spaces without occupants feeling confined or constricted. These films look expensive at a fraction of the cost of installing etched glass, which can cost more than $125 per square foot.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to maximize your building’s efficiency, create a chic and private space, or increase building safety, installing window films is your all-in-one solution. Airmark offers laminating solutions for window treatments, as well as state-of-the-art cutters for your materials.

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