Summa 55° Thick Materials Drag Blade, 5-Pack


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Official Summa 55° Thick Materials Drag Blades, 5-Pack (OEM - Manufacturer Recommended Part)

Genuine Summa drag blades swivel around corners while staying pressed in the material when cutting. The thick material blade is perfect for sandblast applications.

Crafted from Tungsten Carbide, our genuine Summa blades hold a sharp edge between 10 and 50 X longer than cheaper steel blades.

What customers are saying about our Genuine Summa 55° Thick Materials Drag Blades:

Jed Colledge says:
“I am cutting thick substrates, around 14mil, everyday. The knifes work much better than the 60 knifes out there. Highly recommend!"

Paul Nay says:
“I have tried other blades that claim to be better than factory but they don't hold up to the Summa quality."


  • High-quality official Summa thick materials drag blades.
  • Pack of 5 blades.
  • Cuts material up to .03″ (.8mm) thick.
  • Part Number: 391-358
Official Summa Thick Materials Drag Blades

Compatible Blade Holder:

Summa Thick Materials Blade Holder (part number: 391-363)

Compatible Equipment:

Summa F Series Flatbed Cutters
Summa S2 D Series Vinyl Cutters
SummaCut Series Vinyl Cutters
SummaSign/SummaSign Pro D Series Vinyl Cutters

Customer Reviews

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awesome for thicker substrates
Great products from a great company!