OLFA® 9MM Snap-Off Blades (AB-10B), 10-Pack


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OLFA® 9MM Snap-Off Blades (AB-10B), 10-pack

This pack of 10 carbon steel snap-off blades is a lifesaver when you're busy working on a project. Simply insert a blade in your OLFA® knife, and you've got 13 more blade edges to work with. The blades are designed to cut through packaging, shrink wrap, vinyl, window film, wallpaper, caulking, foam board and other materials.

Can be used with the following OLFA knives: 180, SVR-1, SVR-2, and XA-1.

Pairs well with OLFA® Slide Utility Knife (SVR-1).

Olfa Slide Utility Knife Cutting


  • High-quality carbon steel blade for maximum cutting performance and ideal for applications where superior sharpness is required.
  • Long lasting, durable snap-off blade - a new sharp edge with each snap.
  • Each of the 10 blades contains 13 snap-off cutting edges.
  • Blade container duals as a blade snapper / blade disposal container.
  • A popular choice with sign & graphics industry professionals.

Popular applications:

  • Signage Finishing
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Food Processing
  • Packaging
  • Marine and Caustic Environments

Good for cutting:

  • Vinyl
  • Rubber
  • Acetates
  • Leather
  • Window Film
  • Cardboard
  • Caulking
  • And much more!

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