Epson UltraChrome® GS3 Bulk Inks, 1500ml Cartridges

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Epson's UltraChrome® GS3 Solvent Ink series builds on the strengths of UltraChrome® GS and GS2 with good image stability, superb color precision, and outstanding media compatibility. The new formulation provides enhanced image quality with faster drying and reduced production costs. It features an enhanced gamut, enhanced pigment density, and a significant improvement in gloss levels.

UltraChrome® GS3 ink is nickel-free and features a low odor. SureColor S-Series printers can be installed and operated in office environments that have an air-conditioning system with high airflow. Users should refer to the operator guides included with their printer as well as the individual ink cartridges before handling. The bulk ink system doubles the ink capacity of previous generations for greater efficiency while PrecisionCore® TFP® printheads deliver incredible ink efficiency.

This product may have an extra 24-hour processing time before being shipped.


  • Single Epson UltraChrome® GS3 Bulk Ink Cartridge
  • 1500ml Ink Cartridge (Metallic Silver is 500ml)
  • Doubles the ink capacity of previous generations
  • Compatible with Epson SureColor S-Series Bulk Ink Printers. Models S60600L and S80600L. (See chart below for compatibility per ink type.)

Black 1500ml T45L120 Epson SureColor S60600L and S80600L.
Cyan 1500ml T45L220 Epson SureColor S60600L and S80600L.
Magenta 1500ml T45L320 Epson SureColor S60600L and S80600L.
Yellow 1500ml T45L420 Epson SureColor S60600L and S80600L.
Light Cyan 1500ml T45L520 Epson SureColor S80600L Only.
Light Magenta 1500ml T45L620 Epson SureColor S80600L Only.
Light Black 1500ml T45L720 Epson SureColor S80600L Only.
Orange 1500ml T45L820 Epson SureColor S80600L Only.
Red 1500ml T45L920 Epson SureColor S80600L Only.
White 1500ml T45LA20 Epson SureColor S80600L Only.
Silver Metallic 500ml T45LB20 Epson SureColor S80600L Only.

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