Twinsprint Brooklyn Q & A

Q and A with Carlos Taveras at TwinsPrint Brooklyn

How would you categorize the industry you are in?

Printing, graphics and packaging, but we also do promotional products, prototyping and specialty manufacturing for events and promotions.

Describe the application for which you are going to be using this new equipment?

We’re getting consistent business with the flatbed cutter by responding to opportunities from our customers in event planning and promotions. We've done regular business in signage, promotional products, packaging and graphics installations. Now that our customers know we have this capability, there has been a steady-stream of larger and more complex projects that we push to the F-1612.

What has the new equipment allowed you to do in terms of expansion into new markets, meeting existing demand, etc.?

Owning a flatbed has opened up new markets for sure, and allowed us to land new customers. Our customers are only limited to their imagination because the F-1612 allows us to cut or route almost anything out of almost any material. The flatbed is so versatile that we can tackle anything customers bring us. And, we bought a couple of additional tools ‚Äď allowing us to route, crease and cut thicker material, so we can make custom boxes, crease thicker paper and paperboard and route harder materials ‚Äď it allows us to respond really quickly to urgent requests our event planning clients might have.

Describe the sales and delivery process ‚Äď what did AirMark do well, what we can improve on?

I'm really happy that I went with AirMark. Everyone involved with the process from Phil in Sales to Dan in Tech Support were just very knowledgeable about the industry and the flatbed systems in general. I vetted the idea of investing in a flatbed cutter for about a year, and after meeting AirMark several times at trade shows, I knew that when the time was right, I would purchase from them.

How would you summarize your experience with AirMark as your equipment supplier?

AirMark's tech support is amazing ‚Äď their knowledge and history with Summa is evident. This is really important - as little things always come up with a new system, that would normally mean system downtime. But, working with Dan and his team has saved us time (and a lot of headaches) by being really responsive and efficient to troubleshooting and walking us through quick fixes to issues as they pop-up.

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