Printer frequently asked questions:

My USB connected Summa printer has communication problems with Windows Vista.

Download the latest Summa Cutter USB driver from our Support section Unzip the files and update via Windows control panel the USB driver of the Summa printer.

What is the proper file resolution for best output?

For most large format prints, sizing your bitmap images to 100 dpi at output size delivers the best results. But that is not to say that a small bitmap image can be blown up to many times its original size and still look good. Good printing results require that the graphics is created at or close to its final output size. If creating a file in Photoshop, for example, create it at your output size and 100 dpi. If scanning an image, or taking a digital photo, also keep in mind the size at which it will be printed. Scaling an image up, and even down, reduces image quality and sharpness.

How often do Summa printers require maintenance?

Summa DC4, Summa DC4sx, Summa DC3 Plus, Summa DC3, Summa DC2, DuraChrome and SummaChrome do not require scheduled maintenance. Most parts have been in real world conditions for many years without a maintenance requirement. Routine cleaning of the internal print and media feed areas with a vacuum is suggested to reduce the chance of dust contaminating your media. Cleaning the printhead with denatured alcohol and a lint-free cloth is required for SummaChrome; the same technique is recommended for DuraChrome, Summa DC2, Summa DC3, Summa DC3 Plus, Summa DC4 and DC4sx in the event their automated printhead cleaning routine is not sufficient due to excessive printhead build-up.

What color mode is best when printing?

Printing in 3-color (CMY) is most economical. However, 4-color CMYK printing tends to offer more accurate color and subtle black areas. To have the best color accuracy it is recommended to determine to color of vector objects by using the CMY(K) color charts. For bitmap images it is recommended to use the respective CMY or CMYK color profiles.

How long do resin cartridges last?

On Summa DC3 and Summa DC3 Plus, a single roll prints a minimum of 33 square metres (369 square ft.). DuraChrome and Summa DC2 two-roll refill packs print a minimum of 28 square metres (316 square ft.) when printing with process colors; spot colors vary in length. SummaChrome ribbons print a minimum of 25 square metres (273 square ft.) when printing with process colors; spot colors print 23 square metres (252 square ft). Please note that these specifications are based on 100% coverage. All Summa printers utilize ribbon-saving methods, in which the print head skips portions where a specific color is not required. Thus, you should anticipate even greater square metre coverage per ribbon refill, depending on your image.

Is a chart available for color matching?

Yes. Go to the Color Charts section to download a printable chart that can be scaled to any size. By printing the charts with your own equipment, you are assured of offering your customers repeatable and accurate colors without wasting time and materials on trial runs.

What color mode is best when creating an image?

For vector images is CMYK (CMY) recommended (Selecting vector fill colours from the charts we provide in the Colour Charts section of this website is by far the best way to print vibrant, saturated and repeatable colours). For spot colours, colour mode is irrelevant. For bitmap images it is recommended to use the respective CMY or CMYK colour profiles.

How can I get new Firmware?

We dissuade to upgrade firmware if your product is working fine as is. Nevertheless, new revisions can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Support section of this Web site.