As more people develop an interest in producing and marketing their own creations, the art and crafts sector is growing in leaps and bounds. Vinyl cutting is one of the specialty crafts that you learn and develop as a side business if you enjoy doing things yourself.

It’s simple to set up and doesn't need much startup money because you can quickly white-label and outsource fulfillment.

If you choose to handle everything yourself, you must have a vinyl-cutting machine and a personal computer system with compatible design software to launch a vinyl-cutting business. To get help with your Roland vinyl cutters or vinyl sticker printer and cutter—or just want to figure out what other equipment you might need for your new business—Airmark is the place to go.

Most vinyl cutters resemble standard computer printers, and the computer software controls the vinyl cutter. Your design is scanned and then transformed into an outline. The machine then uses a sharp blade to cut the pattern from a vinyl sheet. You can use them to create stickers, logos, and various designs for your house, workplace, and customers.

Here is a sampling of the many products you can make with a vinyl cutter:


A vinyl cutter is one of the essential pieces of equipment required to launch your own t-shirt business. A printer and cutter combo is ideal if you want to create multicolor t-shirt designs.

You'll need a heat press in addition to your vinyl cutter and computer. After the vinyl design has been cut, it can be permanently applied to the outside of t-shirts, jackets, or jerseys using a heat press.

Vinyl Lettering

You can create custom lettering with a printing and cutting machine, and then apply it to various surfaces, including indoor walls, signage, automobiles, and more. If you want to use your vinyl cutter for this purpose, the wide range of possible styles and sizes of the lettering will be of great interest to clients.

You can also create personalized symbols and individual letters with your computer and vinyl cutter that customers may mix and match. You'll need to buy self-adhesive vinyl so that you can print your designs on it.


You can also produce magnets using a vinyl cutting machine. You can create and sell customized and unique refrigerator magnets for buyers using a vinyl cutter and the right software.

Additionally, you can provide businesses with custom car magnets that are simple to put on and take off of commercial vehicles. For magnets designed for use on automobiles, you must use magnetic sheeting that is thirty millimeters thick so that it will stay on when the car is moving fast or is in harsh weather conditions. However, you can use thinner magnetic sheeting for magnets meant to be used on stationary items.

Custom Vinyl Stickers

One of the most common products that can be made with a vinyl cutter is custom vinyl stickers. Vinyl stickers are popular for branding, advertising, and decoration.

With a vinyl cutter, you can cut out intricate designs, logos, and text to create custom stickers for your business, brand, or personal use.


You can also create large banners for special occasions with vinyl cutters. These can be sold for private use, such as for weddings, events, or family gatherings. They may also be sold to businesses that need to advertise a sale, promote real estate, liven up an office party, or spruce up a billboard.

Create a website for your company if you wish to start a vinyl banner manufacturing business so clients can create and purchase their signs online.

Vinyl Tumblers

You can bulk-buy reusable tumblers at your neighborhood dollar shop. The lettering and picture on the vinyl will need to be curved so that when it is wrapped around the tumbler, it won’t appear off-balance. Also, be sure not to use a heat press for this vinyl cutter craft, as the cup can melt.

Ceramic Cups

Let's now explore something more durable: ceramic cups. Both heat-pressed and adhesive vinyl will work on them. However, if you use the latter, a mug press could be required to apply the vinyl design. Remember to bend your stencil if your cup has tapering sides.

Window Graphics

You can create custom window graphics for businesses. They can be used for advertising, branding, and decoration. With a vinyl cutter, you can cut out custom window graphics that are designed to fit the specific size and shape of the window.

To Wrap It Up

With a vinyl cutter, you can create a wide range of products. With the right tools and software, the possibilities are endless. You can create professional-looking products and grow your business.

There’s a lot to learn when you are getting started with vinyl cutting, such as whether a Cricut is the same as a vinyl cutter. Whatever questions you may have, Airmark’s experts will steer you in the right direction!