Sign-making is a form of art that requires attention to detail and precision. It is also important for individuals and businesses to pick the best materials for their signage to produce a high-quality print. One such material is printable vinyl, which allows for durable and vivid designs.

A major problem is choosing the wrong type of vinyl, resulting in poor print quality or failure to adhere to the fabric properly. There are many types of vinyl to choose from, including the popular Avery Dennison vinyl films and others. In this article, we shall look at factors to consider when choosing a printable vinyl and the best printable vinyl options.

What Is Printable Vinyl?

To understand the term "printable vinyl," we must know what vinyl is. Vinyl is a kind of plastic that has a wide range of uses, including signage. Printable vinyl is a specially-coated vinyl that can receive ink from a printer. This ink will adhere to the vinyl to produce top-notch images that can resist wear and tear. Meanwhile, there are two major types of vinyl print: calendered and cast vinyl.

The calendared vinyl is more affordable, best for short-term applications, and is ideal for flat surfaces. On the other hand, cast vinyl is a flexible, high-quality material that is suitable for making intricate designs. It is ideal for textured surfaces and vehicle wraps.

Although printable vinyl has several benefits, it has some limitations as well. For instance, printable vinyl is not very durable compared to other kinds of vinyl. As a result, it might peel or fade over time, especially when exposed to an outdoor environment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Printable Vinyl

There are different factors that you must consider when selecting a printable vinyl. Some of these factors include compatibility, durability, quality, and environment.


Note that not all printable types of vinyl can work with different printers. Check the manufacturer's specifications to see if the printable vinyl can work with your printer and if it is suitable for the surface it will be applied on. These materials and printers will determine whether or not you can effectively use printable vinyl on shirts.


This is one major factor to consider when selecting a printable vinyl because the end product will be subjected to adverse weather conditions and would have to last for a long time. Go for a printing vinyl that can withstand peeling, fading, cracking, and various environmental factors, like UV rays. The best printable heat transfer vinyl will last around fifty washes.


Poor-quality vinyl could affect the quality of the end product. Therefore, you must pick printable vinyl that gives sharp, crisp lines and vibrant colors for the best results.


What kind of environment will your sign be displayed in? For instance, you need to use a more durable and long-lasting printable vinyl for outdoor signs compared to indoor signs. This is because they will be exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Best Printable Vinyl Options

There are different kinds of printable vinyl available in the market. Below are some of the best printable vinyls you can get on the market that are durable, produce vibrant colors, and are suitable for tough surfaces.

Oracal 651

Oracal is a renowned brand with its Oracal clear vinyl 651 series as the top choice for printable vinyl. This calendared, high-quality vinyl is easy to work with, durable, and produces vibrant, long-lasting colors. Also, it can be applied on smooth surfaces such as plastic, glass, and metal. Summa Equipment offers the best cutters for this vinyl.

3M IJ180Cv3

This is high-quality vinyl that is made for outdoor usage and can last for a long time. It is compatible with eco-solvent, solvent, and UV-curable inks. Also, it has a matte finish, making it ideal for signs and graphics.

Avery MPI 1105

This advanced cast vinyl is renowned for its enduring durability and excellent print quality. It is also compatible with UV-curable, solvent, and eco-solvent inks and is ideal for usage on vehicles and other outdoor applications. You can find vinyl cutters for Avery in Summa Equipment.

Mactac JT5828P

Although it is a lesser-known company, Mactac creates excellent printable vinyl alternatives. The company produces the JT5828P series, a calendared vinyl that is affordable and makes prints with excellent detail and vivid color.

General Formulations Concept 235

Another reputable name in the vinyl sector is General Formulations. Summa Equipment users frequently choose their Concept 235 series. This calendared vinyl is inexpensive, simple to use, and yields outstanding print quality.

In Summary

Lastly, some of the printable vinyl for use in the sign-making industry include Mactac JT5828P, Avery MPI 1105, and Oracal 651. High-quality printable vinyl makes it easier for sign-makers to create top-notch signs using Summa Equipment.

Picking the right printable vinyl is very important to produce long-lasting signage. When choosing a printable vinyl brand, you should consider factors like environment, compatibility, durability, and quality.