Printer cutters are incredibly versatile machines that are suitable for producing high-quality graphics, and the equipment sold by Summa and Roland can support activities from the production of large outdoor billboards and custom car wraps to specialty graphics for athletic gear and product stickers to adhere to bottles and other objects.

Different printer cutters can handle different media widths and materials and can improve the speed and productivity of any sign-making, labeling, car-wrapping, or other graphics operation. If you are considering upping your game by investing in quality printer cutters, start by clearly defining your current and future needs. Be realistic about growing your business and make sure the machines you are evaluating can handle a boost in work volume.


Common Ways Printer Cutters Are Used

While the applications where printer cutters come in handy can seem endless, here are some examples of the types of products they are commonly used for:

  • Signs, banners, billboards, and other promotions
  • Full and partial car wraps for commercial fleets and individual consumers
  • Specialty wraps
  • Labels and packaging
  • Decals and stickers
  • Interior design and posters
  • Window, wall, and floor graphics
  • Heat-transfer graphics for clothing

Printer cutters offer integrated contour cutting, eco-solvent inks, user-friendly touchscreen interfaces for adjusting orienting and cutting settings, auto-calibration, precision droplet technology, real-time view of ink levels, and other features that ensure output accuracy and consistency.


One Machine Versus Two (or More)

Not too long ago, sign and graphic printers didn’t have many options when it came to printers and cutters. Today, there are more than 100,000 print-and-cut machines available on the market. They range from compact desktop models to heavy-duty, high-speed, wide-format printers that can handle a wide variety of tasks.

Advantages of Using an Integrated Printer Cutter

For many businesses, having a single machine is simply more convenient and takes up less valuable space than would be needed for two machines. After configuring a job and loading the media, the printer cutter will take care of the rest with minimal intervention. This leaves you with more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

The automation available with printer cutters is particularly helpful if you have clients with a wide range of printing needs because it streamlines and expedites the process of transitioning between print jobs. You can also leave a printing job running overnight so it will be ready for you when you get to work the next morning.

Not only will the printer cutter generate high-quality graphics, but a take-up unit will automatically roll up the finished product as it’s done. If you have a large, detailed project (such as for thousands of decals), it would be a major pain in the brain to constantly move the printed media to a separate cutting device as would be necessary without an integrated machine

Why You Might Still Want Two Machines

There are instances when printing businesses, such as those that handle large work orders, don’t need integrated machines because they keep their separate printing and cutting devices working full throttle at all times. Dedicated cutters may also be faster and stronger than integrated units, making them more suitable for cutting thicker materials. 

Along the same lines, while Roland and Summa printer cutters have extensive color options, there may be specialty products with unusual color needs that require a dedicated printer. High-volume printing operations may also want to have a printer dedicated to print-only jobs like a wide-format sign and a cutter dedicated to cut-only jobs like individual lettering rather than tying up the integrated machine.


Finding What You Need

AirMark carries a variety of printer-cutter solutions, inks, and other accessories that can vastly improve the amount of time and energy you need to devote to your print-and-cut jobs. Talk to one of our experts and explain what your needs are. An integrated device might just be what you need to deliver new products with less manual intervention.

AirMark will discuss the best options available and make sure you select a reliable piece of equipment that will help you grow your business. We also provide support on the software used to operate printer cutters for a seamless transition!