How to Add Value to Your Business with Vinyl Cutters

Are you looking for ways to expand your printing business into new markets? Have you wanted to experiment with new signage materials but haven’t known how? You may be interested in our exceptional selection of vinyl cutters at AirMark.

At AirMark in Seattle, WA, we carry a wide selection of Roland and Summa vinyl cutters, delivering high performance, reliability, and high-quality production output. Whether you’re looking for a small, 15-inch vinyl cutter for hobbies and crafts or need a large, 64-inch machine for demanding commercial environments, we have vinyl cutting machines that will meet your needs.

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Vinyl letter sign on a cafe window.

Our team at AirMark has been pushing the boundaries of commercial and industrial imaging equipment for more than 25 years, providing companies with top-quality sign-making production technology. Our skilled team can help you find the right vinyl cutting equipment to increase your printing and signage services and add value to your business.

What are vinyl cutters?

Vinyl cutters are machines used to trim vinyl and other materials into signs, letters, symbols, and more. These cutters expand a business’s capability beyond traditional digital printers, allowing you to handle products such as reflective vinyl, gold leaf, holographic vinyl, and other special materials that can take your signs and labeling to the next level. Just like a printer, the vinyl cutter is connected to a computer, where you can design digital graphics with the shape, letters, or symbols you want it to cut. Then, simply send the design to the machine, where it will be cut out precisely and accurately in just a few minutes.

How to expand your business with vinyl cutters

Perhaps the most apparent use of vinyl cutters is in a business that already provides custom signs and printing services, as they help expand your business to offer a broader range of products and services. With a new vinyl cutter, you can offer new materials, expand into new types of signage, and increase productivity. But vinyl cutters’ potential doesn’t end there. Other businesses that can see great benefit from adding a vinyl cutter to their lineup include:

  • Custom garment and apparel stores: Custom vinyl cut-outs can be adhered to T-shirts and other apparel with a heat press for stylish, custom clothing. They can also be used as stencils for silk-screening, cutting down on the time-intensive process of creating patterns.
  • Label and decal makers: If you help with branding and labeling for a business, musician, or other organization, adding a vinyl cutter to your equipment can help you boost their branding and stand out from the crowd with new materials.
  • Packaging for a multitude of businesses: If you have a small or large business and need to send out products on a regular basis, a vinyl cutter can help you add customization and style to your packaging.
  • Vehicle graphics makers: Vinyl cut-out designs are great for advertising your business on your company car or adding signage to a whole fleet of vehicles—or offering these services to your customers.
  • Interior decorators: Interior decorators and designers can use adhesive-backed materials to craft custom interior design pieces with intricate designs, custom lettering, and more.
  • Contractors, textile makers, and other designers: Although a vinyl cutter is primarily designed to work with a knife, some customers fit them with pens to plot out a design instead of cutting out the vinyl. Whether you want to create stitching patterns for textiles or an architectural rendering, vinyl cutters can help streamline the process.

Our vinyl cutter brands

At AirMark, we carry a wide selection of top-quality vinyl cutters designed for jobs big and small. With cutter sizes ranging from 15 inches to 64 inches, these vinyl cutting machines are designed to meet the requirements for industries such as sign making, garment and apparel, labels and decals, design and prototyping, packaging, vehicle graphics, and more. We are proud to carry the following brands:

  • Roland: With the CAMM-1 GS Desktop Series and the CAMM-1 GR Series, Roland has provided top efficiency and precision, so you can cut like never before. Working even on thick, dense substrates, these cutters are powerful and easy to operate.
  • Summa: The SummaCut Series from Summa combines world-renowned craftsmanship with real-world affordability, making it one of the most popular series of vinyl cutters. The S2 Series, meanwhile, offers the highest-quality engineering and most advanced cutting technology for long contour cutting accuracy.

Whatever your business’s needs, our team at AirMark can help you find the right vinyl cutter to expand your offerings and increase the value of your business.

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