Flatbed Cutter Coroplast

Signs made out of corrugated plastic, or ‘Coroplast,’ are much more common than many of us think, and for good reason. Coroplast is a lightweight and versatile material known for its budget-friendly prices, as well as its weather-resistant durability against wear and tear. 

Made from polypropylene plastic, Coroplast consists of two flat plastic sheets that are sealed together with an added layer of corrugated plastic in between for extra strength. This type of material is not used just for signs. Coroplast’s versatility makes it a popular choice when it comes to a wide range of projects. 

When it comes to working with Coroplast, however, many people express concern about cutting through it. Do you use a large flatbed cutter? Is the process similar to the process of cutting acrylic plexiglass? Do you need a flatbed die-cutter type of machine? It can quickly become overwhelming. Let’s dive into the ins and outs of flatbed cutter Coroplast!

Cutting Through Coroplast 

Do not let the name fool you–Coroplast might sound very intricate and complex, but it really is a very easy type of material to cut. The thinner a material is, the easier it is to cut, and corrugated plastic is not as thick as many people assume it to be. 

Ranging in thickness from two millimeters to ten millimeters, you can rest assured that there is a tool out there that will cut through Coroplast with ease and efficiency. While you can opt for a Stanley knife, a utility knife, or even a pair of scissors, a flatbed cutter will do the job more accurately and with less work on your part. 

What Is a Flatbed Cutter?

A flatbed cutter is a cutter plotter that features a flat surface and a motorized cutting knife that cuts along both an x-axis and a y-axis. It is widely known for its accuracy and precision and its ability to cut simple and intricate shapes and designs. 

Using a Flatbed Cutter for Coroplast

Flatbed cutters, specifically Summa flatbed cutters, are a highly recognized and respected type of equipment. With a variety of different models, from the Summa F1612 Pro Flatbed Cutter to the Summa F1832 Pro Flatbed Cutter, a range of cutters will be able to handle Coroplast with ease. 

Let AirMark Help You Find the Right Tool

AirMark takes pride in offering an array of tools and products designed to help you easily bring your project to life. Whether you opt for the Summa Pneumatic Oscillating Tool or the Summa F1612 Flatbed Cutter with the optional Router Pro Package System add-on, AirMark has your back. 

Reach out to us and see how we can best point you in the right direction. After all, your focus should be on the project at hand, not on finding the right tools to go about it. That’s where we come in!