Do Cast Vinyls Work for Dry-Erase Boards?

Clear cast vinyl is an effective and versatile material that can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces and used for many purposes from design or car decoration to board protection. 

To understand if a cast vinyl is a good option to cover or protect a dry-erase board, you’ll want to investigate the properties of clear cast vinyl and the best sign supplies available to determine if cast vinyl is the right option for your project.

Cast Vinyl Versus Regular Vinyl

Clear cast vinyl is a durable material that can be used for many applications from sign-making and lettering to vehicle graphics and banners. It features a self-adhesive backing with a shiny finish that makes it eye-catching and versatile. 

Also referred to as ‘transparent vinyl,’ this type of material offers greater elasticity than regular vinyl, allowing it to cover any surface imaginable, even curves and textured walls. Also, if you use adhesive transfer tape, the process of installation will be much easier and a lot more effective. This makes clear cast vinyl an excellent choice for those looking for signage solutions that are cost-effective and efficient.

Cast vinyls work wonders on dry-erase surfaces–they can be transferred from the adhesive backing to the area of choice easily and effectively. You can write on them, install them on dry surfaces, or even customize them with images or text. It is a material that offers a wide range of use options

What Are the Best Sign Supplies?

In order to use cast vinyls correctly, it is crucial to employ the correct supplies. For Summa equipment, for example, there are a variety of options available on our website. Clear cast vinyl is one of the most common materials because it offers excellent clarity and provides great heightening effects when combined with other sign supplies such as adhesives or tapes. 

Another option many turn to is laminated cast vinyl, which is one of the most common materials used for signs due to its high level of durability, which is particularly helpful in outdoor conditions. It's highly recommended that you invest in a quality adhesive made specifically for laminated cast vinyl. This will ensure that it adheres well and withstands any extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds or pouring rain. 

Additionally, all sign supply materials should be properly stored. Keeping materials away from harsh climate conditions would be a smart move.

Installing Vinyl on Dry-Erase Boards

The process for installing vinyls on dry-erase boards is quite simple. 

For a successful installation, make sure to use appropriate sign supplies like good-quality application tape and a strong adhesive backing. To achieve long-lasting results with your dry-erase board, make sure to clean it regularly and use the right tools when erasing or writing on it. 

Depending on local weather conditions, you may also consider using a heat gun or blow dryer during installation if you want to make doubly sure the vinyl stays in place on the wall or board.

In Summary

Due to its versatility, cast vinyl is easily transferred to most surfaces. Not only is it durable and easy to install, it also protects dry-erase board surfaces and makes it easier to clean. Cast vinyls give you the freedom to customize a dry-erase board with any design you like so that you can enjoy it for years to come.