The key to any business's success is repeat customers. In the printing industry, the only way to acquire repeat customers is to provide products that come out flawless every time. One of the ways to ensure a flawless print is to make sure you have the best ink cartridges for your printer. 

Large-format ink cartridges are, at the end of the day, much like their home office equivalents. There are a lot of variables to consider when purchasing cartridges for your large-format printer, however, and given their size and cost, it’s crucial that you purchase the right ones. 


Should I Purchase a Cartridge Printer?

There are arguments to be made for both ribbon and ink cartridge printers. A cartridge printer can print on a wider variety of materials, but may not be ideal if you are using heat-sensitive print media. For jobs like that, a lower-temperature ribbon printer is the way to go. 

Ribbon printers, like cartridge printers, produce waste. Both ribbons and ink cartridges need to be disposed of or recycled. Some manufacturers and suppliers have begun offering rebates or credit on your account when you turn in old cartridges. 

Ultimately, it's up to the needs of your business and its clients to decide if a ribbon or cartridge printer is right for you. 


Low-Cost Cartridges

This is a constant debate among both home printers and print shop professionals. For every official product, there is a low-cost knock-off that promises the same performance for a fraction of the cost. For certain applications, such as printing your kid's latest history report, these are fine. In the competitive world of sign making and large format printing, however, low cost typically means low quality. 

Things usually work fine for a while, but if you’re using a generic toner cartridge or lower-quality ink refill kit, eventually, errors are going to occur. Sometimes, a simple reprint is all that’s required, but in many cases, expensive repair is necessary, as vital parts have become clogged, jammed, or unusable thanks to imperfect ink going through finely tuned machinery meant for high-quality ink. 

Generic ink-making companies don't care about your customer’s product as long as you keep buying their low-cost ink. Your business reputation, however, will immediately notice the difference when you have to cancel orders because your largest format printer is out of service until a certified professional can fix it.

Lower-quality inks can also fail to provide high-quality weather resistance, which is crucial for sign makers. A sign may come out great, but when your customer complains that the colors have faded after just six months in the sun, you’ll have a larger problem on your hands. 


High-Quality Cartridges for High-Quality Results

The highest quality inks made specifically for your brand and model of printer are the best way to go, and they will save you money in the long run. By making sure you purchase only certified inks from certified sellers like Airmark, you’ll ensure your large-format printer requires less maintenance and will produce superior results for years to come.