• The Highest
    Perfomance Standards
    in the Industry

Stencil & Labeling Solutions for Industrial & Aircraft Painting Enterprises

Summa Cutter Equipment

Industrial & Aircraft Marking Systems

AirMark Stencil Cutting Systems merge the latest in design and production equipment to allow you to create paint stencils that meet the highest performance standards.

Our cutters offer the best-in-class speed, accuracy, and durability. Our stencil materials perform to the highest industry standards for reliability, crisp painted edges, and clean removability, even when baked in drying ovens.

With several cutter sizes to choose from, there’s an AirMark system for companies of every size.

25+ Years of Leadership

AirMark began with the idea of replacing slow-moving and costly reciprocal cutters with high-speed and economical vinyl cutters.

As we celebrate our 25th year, we will continue to look to the future with the same philosophy we founded our company on: make aircraft painting, industrial marking, and safety signage more efficient and affordable.

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